Walk, Jog or Run?

Walk or Jog?

Walking is a low-impact, moderate-intensity exercise, while jogging is a high-impact, vigorous-intensity exercise. Jogging does burn more calories per minute.

Walk or Run?

The runners almost uniformly were thinner than the walkers when each joined the study. And they stayed that way throughout. Over the years, the runners maintained their body mass and waistlines far better than the walkers.

Walk and Run

But on other measures of health, new science shows that walking can be at least as valuable as running — and in some instances, more so.


i’ll be doing a lot of walking tomorrow.

when i was a kid, i ran a lot.
i’m a bit older. running and jogging makes me uncomfortable in public. i could probably jog in-place, but then i’d rather do jumping jacks.

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Watch your knees…

I prefer biking. Got more speed to it.

Technically crossing any distance by the means of any manpower requires the precise amount of work.

It’s physics!

On a frictionless horizontal plane lateral motion is free. It’s only the up down that requires energy investment.


I noticed this too.

I like the way it is spelled, but I am new to these vocabularies.

Biking is good, so is swimming.


I like to walk everyday


It is good that you walk everyday. Move a little here and there.


I did best when I walked fast - a mile in under 45 minutes. If GAWD wanted us girls to run, he would have put our tits on the back.


I used to love a good walk.


I like running. It feels amazing when you run for 20 minutes and after that you think: “yes, I did it!”


I was in really good shape 4-5 years ago when I decided to change-up my routing and start jogging. I ran about 4 miles about 3 times per week (that was good for me since I’m not a natural runner) Anyway, this went on for about 6 months or so when I got Plantar Fasciitis and the doctor told me to stop. It took me about three weeks just to walk normally again, without a cane. I’ve steadily become more sedentary since then and gained wait.
I’m seriously considering trying jogging again. I know how to stretch and the right shoes now. It is a great way to lose weight!

Jogging aggravates my low back pain, so I walk fast. Or rather I will start up again when after I get stents out and my back gets better. (2 seperate conditions)

I have done stair stepping with a literal platform and it’s decent for chewing through calories while not being too hard on the joints.


How did this go?
Think it was something like this:

For the same distance, it doesn’t matter if you walk or run it, the benefits are the same, but walking is so much easier for an older body.
How can this be?
Because if the distance is a mile (just say) and you walk it in under 45 minutes, if you run it (just guessing here don’t hate me because I’ve never ran on purpose), and it only takes you,say, 20 minutes, it’s the same benefit because your walking longer, running less time.
So it’s not the distance that counts as much as it is how much time that matters.

Hope I got this right, a personal trainer told my SIL this, and she told me, but that was well over 20+ years ago…

If you walk fast, it’s much more forgiving to your knees, ankles, and feet than running.

I used to run all the time! I miss it, right now I’m just walking but I had a neck injury. I walked the most I have in a long time today!

i find it very hard to run… I’d jog for a bit… run out of breath and stop… jog again… stop again… so I prefer walking…

I’m into week 3 of my return to jogging. Before my illness I ran a couple of marathons.

Swimming or simply wading across the pool is a good low impact exercise! :slight_smile:

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I can’t run, can’t do the impact plus I get winded too easily, but I do inclined, rapid (3.5 mph) walking on a treadmill when I go to the gym. Even that I have to limit to avoid aggravating my back, due to the impact; I have enough back pain as it is. I’ve been doing some work on the recumbent bike so I can use the treadmill less, since there’s zero impact and I can lean back into a seat, thus taking pressure off of my spine.

I have an old friend who’s on my facebook who lost over 100 lbs in a year by running/jogging. I lost 25 lbs doing what I do, though all of that weight loss came in the last few months of last year; so far this year I haven’t lost any more, but I haven’t gained any weight back, either. :slight_smile:


I would like to start running but I hate cardio. I wish I was into it but I’m not. I have heard that it’s about your heartrate being in the right place to burn calories and benefit your cardiovascular system so, some people can get there by walking, others by jogging or running.
I would imagine, you start by walking and, after awhile, that just doesn’t cut it anymore, then you have to jog and then eventually run to get your heartrate up to the right place.


I figure skate in the nude. The low temp forces my body to produce heat and burn more calories.
Plus I like feeling the breeze between my legs when I’m turning at high speeds on an icy lake


do you get frostbite when you fall?

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