Waking up in the morning

waking up is getting harder for me,

i have been saying ‘whats the point’ when i wake up and have a generally bad feeling,

i dont want to get up much

I like to wake up after the good night sleep as I did today from my Czech army sleeping bag. Many people do not sleep in sleeping bags, but I like it. I like to wake up, make some coffee, take my meds and enjoy a cup of good coffee, maybe with one or two nicotine gums.

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I feel the exact same way so I sleep about 14 hours per day. It’s nice to get up if it’s summer time because you get to see the trees and grass. I’m going to try doing some yoga and see if that helps me get out of my funk. Today I started my day alll resentful at the world but this evening my mood lightened, and I thought why shouldn’t I be in a good mood even though I’mfeeling crabby.
Hope you feel better and if you need anyone to talk to I can add you to my facebook. Good night and sleep well

morning is always my worst part of the day. I hate getting up, but when I have to go to bed at night I find it hard to wind down

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I know the feeling well. What works for me is just being mindful of the feeling but not wallowing in it or being judgmental about it. I force myself to get up and open the window shades. Once I get going for the day I can usually distract myself from those thoughts. Evening time is actually hardest for me, I usually reflect back on the day and get down on myself. At those times its hard to not dwell on all the bad things. The weekends are also harder for me.

waking up for me is hard. It’s my meds, they make me sleep alot and have vivid dreams. I just get dressed, make coffee and smoke a cig before I do anything else. And im still tired

Thought I was the only one who slept in a sleeping bag :smile:

Yes, sleeping bags are good. I have a very simple system, in the evening I unroll it, then I sleep and then in the morning I roll it back again. When I lived in my auto in America, especially in Miami, I used my sleeping bag when it was cold. I had a black cat Minx living in the same automobile and when he got cold he tried to come inside the bag too.

You mean you didn’t let your kitty inside? :crying_cat_face:

No, but he stayed on me. A funny name that Minx is. He learned to live me so well that when I, for example, stayed under one bridge in Miami, he walked around, but when it was the time to go, he jumped inside. He was a nice cat.

I have problems getting up early in the morning too. I attend a day program 3 times a week and it does get difficult to get up sometimes. I try to sleep in on my days off. I figure if I can sleep til around noon, then I’ve gotten enough sleep.