Wake up feeling good, go to sleep feeling bad


I always wake up feeling great! No depression, no paranoia. Right now for instance.

Then the day takes its toll on me, no matter what I do, and I go to bed feeling awful in every regard. I don’t think it’s because I take most my meds at night because sometimes I’ll take them at 9 and feel terrible until 1 am when I go to sleep. Can anyone relate?


Yes. You’re a morning person.


I am more energized in the morning, but usually my symptoms decrease when the sun goes down. if you want to feel energized for a longer time, eat raw vegetables, eat any vegetable that is eatable.


I think of sleep as relief from each day’s problems and stress. what little stress and problems there are in my life. I am a home body and stay that way most of the time. when I get down sometimes I just use a “power nap” to reboot my happiness…when I wake up I feel relieved.


I agree with Chordy…also, maybe you need to wind
down a little before going to bed. It takes me at least 2 hours to wind down before going to sleep.


I definately can not relate. I am on the flip side, the complete opposite of a morning person.
Takes all my control not to slap the happiness out of those who bounce out of bed with a song and dance in front of me.
After a cup of coffee and an hour things start looking up.