Waiting on a call

I called the psychiatrist place today. It’s basically a whole clinic setup where they have you see a therapist at first, and then if they feel it is necessary, they set you up with one of their psychiatrists. It’s mandatory that patients see one of their therapists in order to have access to a psychiatrist.

I went to this place several years ago, at least 6 years ago, and saw a therapist there for a few months, so they have me in their system, but that therapist no longer works there. I called them over a year ago trying to get a psychiatrist, but that is when they told me I would have to see one of their therapists, and I already had a therapist, so I ruled it out as an option.

Well I guess they put a $10 on my file since I had inquired but never signed on? I don’t know where else in the world this mysterious $10 balance came from. But I agreed to pay it when I have my first appointment. I also agreed to start by seeing one of their therapists before getting to see a psychiatrist.

The receptionist lady told me she would process my information, and they would call me to set up the first appointment appointment. That was this afternoon and they haven’t called yet. Kind of racking up my anxiety, wondering if they will never call.

Part of the anxiety is because my mother is kind of sabotaging. She has this complex where she acts like she is frustrated with me not getting help, until I try to get help, and then she tries to undermine it. She knew I would be calling this place today to get an appointment, so she texted me this morning informing me that Taco Bell is hiring.

I didn’t respond to the text at all, because I know it’s bait for an argument. When I was trying to get a job this past early Autumn, she was constantly trying to undermine my confidence with things like, “Are you sure it’s a good idea to be working?” (referring to my mental problems) and so on. She even made a comment about how something bad might happen to me when I’m walking home from work, if I get a job.

Well I lost that job due to psychosis and anxiety, and my mother tried to get an argument started by making comments about how me working for 2 months before becoming psychotic proved that I can hold down a job. I just ignored the comments and didn’t take the bait, didn’t argue, didn’t say anything.

Now that I am going to try getting help again, she is going to try to push hard for me getting some meaningless part time min-wage job to try to destabilize me while I’m trying to work on a treatment plan. She hasn’t made a peep about me not having a job in months, but the DAY I am trying to get a psych appointment, she starts with it.

I really hope they actually call me.

Well now it is the next afternoon and they still haven’t called me. If they don’t call by tomorrow, I’m going to call them again and ask what’s up. I hope they are not blowing me off because I owe them $10 from years ago and didn’t know about it.

Another reason might be because I couldn’t tell them what was wrong / why I wanted to make an appointment. The receptionist lady kept prodding me and I kept trying to explain that there was just a lot to it and that I couldn’t really explain it over the phone. She asked me if I have substance abuse problems and I said no. She asked me if I have anxiety or depression, and I said that yeah that is part of it.

I know they have multiple therapists and I just imagine them all looking over my application and none of them wanting to take me on. I’m not as easy as “oh she has panic attacks, give her xanax and a CBT worksheet”. Or maybe I am. I don’t know.

My mother was in a better mood today when she texted me, didn’t try to start any ****. So that’s good.

I used to go to a similar clinic when i only had anxiety issues. They were very busy and it was hard to get my foot in the door. But once i did, it helped being there. I have also had the delayed call backs. Just give them a call.

I gave them a call. I didn’t want to come across as a pushy psycho but I tried fishing for when I would be scheduled. They wouldn’t give me any information on that. When I brought up being able to pay the $10 balance, suddenly the lady sprung to life and gave me all the information I needed about that. If they didn’t want to schedule me until I paid the $10 that would have been a good thing for them to mention upfront I would think. I don’t have the means to pay them over the phone since I only have cash left and no vehicle, but I told them my mother could pay the $10 over the phone. They told me to have her call them and pay it then. I know that lady on the phone was just doing her job the way she is told to, but damn it is frustrating. Bunch of crap over $10.

Well they called me today. I was sleeping and missed the call, but it woke me up, so I immediately called them right back. The guy who answered sounded annoyed and confused, I explained to him that I was on the waiting list to get in and was returning a call I just missed. He finally just said “okay” and put me on hold. So I’m sitting there for a couple minutes listening to the elevator music when suddenly I am transferred to a voicemail for someone I’ve never heard, with no explanation, and suddenly have to leave a message after the beep. So my message probably made me sound like I was really drunk or high because I was confused and couldn’t think very fast or form words very well. I did manage to leave my phone number correctly, I think. That was a few hours ago, and that mystery person, maybe a therapist, has not called me. Gee wiz.

Just got a call from the therapist to set up my first appointment. I already don’t like her. She seems impatient and snotty (I realize the hypocritical irony here, but it was in her tonality and I am the client, after all). I hate therapists like that, who expect you to be a completely easy-peasy problem to fix, expect you to be very easy to understand, etc. She acted annoyed that I was confused in my voicemail message to her. Then it sounded like she said she wanted to know the best places and times to schedule, which struck me as odd, so I asked for clarification, and it turned out she said DATES and times, and she sounded irritated and had that “omg” type of attitude.

I do also know I tend to be extremely critical and guarded when dealing a new psych professional, so I am still going to go to the first appointment to give it a chance. I hope she’s not like that all the time, though.

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wow…i can see my therapist :woman: anytime… :hospital:.
i hope it goes well for you :heart:
take care :alien:

Thanks. I hope it does, too.

I’ve been trying to find info on her online but this clinic doesn’t list their staff at all, and I only know her first name, so trying to piece together the practice location, name of the clinic, therapist title and first name in searches, trying to find her.

I’ve only had one match, and if it’s her that I am reading about on her page, it’s pretty much doomed, because this lady on the page makes a big deal about being a Christian therapist and she has crazy looking eyes. If my therapist has crazy looking eyes and starts pushing any religious stuff, I will wind up even crazier. Hopefully that’s not her.

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go with an open mind …and open heart and let us know how it goes.:heart:
take care :alien: