The administrator said I don’t need the support

And that I don’t need to bring forward my app because I’ve been managing so far without phoning.

What support? What happened?

Anxiety paranoia not being able to sleep and if I do not enough sleep

Did you talk with your pdoc?

I can’t because the admin says my issues aren’t urgent enough to see one. I have an appointment but it’s too long a wait. Meanwhile I’m struggling to cope.

OMG, what does he know? If you feel you need it, do it

I can’t because I can’t unless admin gives me app.

So what’s your plan now?

I don’t have an option… going private is expensive… i guess i’ll just have to wait …

Too expensive? Here we usually see private psychiatrists. There are expensive renowned ones, and cheaper ones. Depending on your income

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£250 for 30 minutes is way too much money… money i cannot afford

I see. A previous psychiatrist I had, was taking 100€ for 15 minutes.
Now, you can imagine how much money he would make if he was seeing patients all day.
10 patients, at least, per day, 100€ each, 1000€ per day. 30000 monthly.

That’s a lot… :flushed: I stick to nhs.


I get what you’re saying. In my city, there is only one place that takes Medicare, for psychiatrists. There’s only one therapist there that takes Medicare.

If I could pay cash, I feel like I would be more stable. I could get to my appointment and go frequently… hey, maybe have more CONSISTENCY. I have sza, ptsd, gad.

Don’t give up. Call every day. MAKE them listen to you.

I hope I’ve at least acknowledged your concerns. It seems like I can relate. PMs are open, hon. I care.

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I agree with @JustTrish. Keep bothering them until they listen. Don’t give up!


I was forced to go to the GP today as I am struggling to get a psychiatrist appointment.

They prescribed me Zopiclone for sleep and also increased my Sertraline.

The doctor today is sending a letter to psychiatry services to complain that they have not dealt with my issues.

I am in the same boat as you at the moment @anon80629714

I just got signed off work for two weeks.

I might only take one week, but even though I cannot afford to do it, I need a break as I am ■■■■■■■ melting down here

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