Waa dont know where too start

Am i SZ. My social worker / mh person visited 2 month ago.

I do not have auditoury but i do get visual things.

Now i do imbibe in cannabis and it helps me no end helping me relax etx.

What is your thoughts on this.

Go easy on this Hippy noob.;

No auditory, some visual and likes to smoke a few to relax…

That is REALLY vague. If your feeling uptight it could just be anxiety or a panic disorder.

Visual could be a number of things. Maybe even a residual of the pot. If it’s just dots and color, it could be a vision problem.

You might want to write down your symptoms in detail and go talk to a professional for some ideas.

well I hate to preach but Im a psych major and I think cannabis is one of the worst things a schizophrenic can do, unless you enjoy being psychotic (I have had people on forums tell me they do, go figure). Any sort of high involves spiked dopamine levels, and too much dopamine is strongly correlated to psychotic symptoms. I hallucinate constantly and get extreme paranoia and delusions if I smoke pot, even a little bit, and the very smell of it makes me feel sick. It’s like torture for me to smoke pot. If someone wanted to torture me, they would do well to put me in a room and fill it with pot smoke and leave me there.

Visuals are pretty rare…the only ones I have had were misperceptions (people doing or saying things they didnt really do) or they were non-bizarre people just sitting or standing. What are yours?

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Quit smoking dope and U’ll find out soon enough. If it continues after quitting for a month then u need to c someone. Worst thing I ever did was get addicted to dope. If I had my time again I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

i smoked it for years but i paid the price it triggered of psychosis in me ,i don’t know how some get away with it

welcome to the sz rainbow, and if you are not a sz welcome anyway, crayons are provided at the door !
take care


hey, on why pursue the psychotic state of mind:
(“go figure”) - it’s shamanism,
i mean, some people don’t get lost out there,
we can find our way back fine and show up for work on monday morning.
but i’ve always said,
after the 8 hours a day it takes me to secure my resources in the material world,
of course i retreat in to a psychotic universe,
so much more full, satisfying, real, beautiful, meaningful, comprehensive, alive,
it’s the reason most sz come off their meds eventually -
your world simply does not offer this kind of entertainment.
if the people are so poorly trained at shamansim that the psychosis becomes a problem,
shame on america for offering no training, and encouraging drug use.
where’s nancy reagan and just say no thank you when you need her?

yeah the psychotic mind has way more lanes of dopamine and sugar running through,
but a well managed highway can have 8 lanes going each way during rush hour or “psychosis hour”,
and can close off lots of those lanes later, and provide only a trickle of the regular traffic.

hey like those race car races where they shut down a european city and race the fancy machines…
so that’s going psychotic, but you know, how long does it take after the race is over
to set the regular street lights up again and manage traffic?
overnight i think. a good night’s sleep.

the multilane highway of the psychotic imagination versus
the one lane bowling alley of the recommended american mind.

dilema ?


I agree with others. Quit smokin weed and you’ll see. My doctors advised me to but alas was doing my symptoms were here to stay! Good luck!

Well marijuana is a psychoactive substance so I would be wary. I used it smoke until I couldn’t but it’s not very good for me either. I would quit if I were you if I could. The addiction and the withdraw is not very good either. If could I would smoke it every day and all day.

Welcome! :smile:

thats interesting…you enjoy your psychotic symptoms? I hate mine. Do you hear malicious voices? Do you have paranoid schizophrenia or a different subtype? You said you hold a full time job, so you’re high functioning too…I’m guessing you have mainly delusions and not hallucinations? And not persecutory delusions?

well, I suffer, tactile hallucinations, bugs crawling all over me biting and stinging, lots of sleep deprivation from that, that’s the only part i ever complained about or asked for help with, they tried all the drugs, they say i’ve been too sick for too long, sceince has nothing to offer, i have explicitly been told, get kind of a blank check for psych meds though cause they don’t kow what to do about me.

the visual hallucinations and kinda audio and i swear alot of just direct telepathy, instantaneous information collection delivered in mind blowing pops are just entertainment, yes they start out persecutory, or atleast disgusting - bunch of demons looking for attention - but demons when properly managed can be gateways to knowledge, whether it’s coming from deep in the subconscious or out in the spirit world, no matter, that’s how you get to talk to it.

the diagnoses vary wildly, my impression is it is based on how i happen to be presenting that day.
couple of years ago, it was all “paranoid schizophrenia”, long stories about the dmons and the demon world and the bugs being controlled to persecute me.

hoenstly I have no idea what’s with the bugs, 31 years a life threatening issue, changed my entire life, put me way out here on this limb like this, i had theories a through j on what the ghost bugs are and to this day i kinda think it’s all of them - a for allergy b fro brain tumor c for chemical exposure d for demonic posession e for everything f and g set aside for the future expandability of the theories, h for hegel books did it to me, i for i don’;t know, j for jesus, who wore a crown of thorns but i wear the full body kind cause hey i’m later in history so more of mankind’s sins to atone for i guess.

yeah delusional as hell but i can hold a job and live a life, more or less, on the fringes, so i get away with it, and i have been sociologically observant so i feel i can manipulate society’s reaction to me, freak em out or go undetected, as suits the whims of the demons within…

i find my mental energy level is many times higher than anyone i try to deal with and so they complain that i cost too much energy to deal with, i’m a nut, don’t listen, it’s bs, he’s talking out his ass, it’s harmful in some way.

don’t know what to do about that except try to avoid communication with humanity.

yeah i am clearly ill though, lost two marriages, current one is suing for “incurable insanity”.
lost 40 jobs, several good ones over the last few years, several teips out west and failing to survive, returning home after a couple of weeks, ghost bug situation unbearable.

i never ocmplained about the delusions but yes i live in a non ordinarly universe model, a delusional world i build regularly day by day like the character robin williams played in a movie in the 80’s where his wife died and he had to go find her in her paintings, she had created her heaven for herself and lived forever in her paintings, so to with me, in my delusions, my heaven, i never complained but all the pdocs sure do., nobody likes free thinking around here these days, if the point is be capitalist or gametalist or monotheist then i guess it’s all been figured out for you and no new thinking needed here. if you are like me and want to discover new and better ways of living in the mystery we call the universe in time, then we have to keep thinking, thinking hard, utilize our psychotic imaginations and try to come up with a better explanation for what’s going on here.

so when i say the fungus world is in the carbs and in the dairy and in the dust mites and all are controlled by the lord of the flies and he’s out to get me cause of the games i’ve been playing, hierophant mystagogue games in metaphysical space time, well, i don’t know maybe that’s another theory of why i suffer.

but in the last few months i changed, no more late night calls to suicide anonymous about how bad and unbearable my situation is.

i suffer alone, confiscated within myself, i didn;t stop suffering but i stopped thinking it’s a problem, got used to it, took 31 years to come around, that nonsense about there being a drug to fix everything is part of what delayed me finally figuring out how to deal with madness.

the movie 1408 knows, meds or whiskey are not the answer, the answer is all out control, will power, spirit over matter., shamanism, the dreamer controls the dream not the dream the dreamer.

persecuted yeah but no longer care, for it is not me but the garden i maintain that is persecuted by the lord of the flies and his bugs, yeah i sleep on a metal sheet, yeah i can’t it in most houses with stuffed furniture, yeah i can’t use a space heater or central heat for the mold, yeah i gotta avoid all carbs and sugar and fruit, but hey, it’s weird, but so are you people.

high functioning as hell, glad to be magical, yes maintaining that sane little life in reality, a little closet in my mind where almost nothing happens, it’s all happening up in the ballroom of psychosis, where the demons have come to dance and have a good time.

it is information, learning, that’s why i continue to breathe life in to this sick and decaying body, here to learn, maybe here to teach, nothing to get, nothing to loose, just twisting and turning in the river of way, and that’s the point of insanity, end the human individual, which was only disconnecting us from the universe.

worried about the brain? unnecessary i think. concentrate on other organs.

i had a bird, ralph the turtle dove, for 26 years, he died a few years ago, i got to know that bird,
timy brain, huge spirit, magical being, physical brain small so as not to get in the way of the transmission and receiving from the universal mind and the power that accumulates in the bones of that little bird.