Vulnerable to exploitation

That was mentioned in the write up of my post ASD dx appointment. That being due to taking things very literally and at face value. Also difficulty in reading other people’s intentions. I’ve always been sceptical about that due to having coped well with phone scams.Those though are/were far more crude and obvious, and easily detectable than the one I’ve fallen for recently. This has been a wake up call to the negative side of being autistic.

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I’m often told I’m too gullible. I believe people have good intentions, and it doesn’t strike me that they might not mean what they say.
I’m more wary now, but in my younger days it lead to some close calls

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My mom said a couple days ago that she thinks I may have some form of autism. I have this issue also. I scored 35 on the Aspergers scale. I remember events and basically everything in my life like a book. But as far as reading people’s intentions, I trust people easily but its not even that–I cannot read people well at all. If someone sounds nice I just assume they’re a nice person, It’s taken a lot of practice to learn to assess situations. As a young girl my mom basically worked really hard to get me to fit in with other teenage girls. I still never wear makeup. I still have no interest in fashion. Those are things that normal people enjoy. So I can definitely relate to that, I don’t have Aspergers or Autism diagnosed, it’s often overlooked in girls and women, but I know I’m not neurotypical and its a factor in my life.

Yeah, I’m like this too.
I’m doing my hardest to just pretend every person I neet is simply agenda driven and so I keep distance but I’ve noticed that this is a draining way to do things and that trust In Others Is a very good thing and healthy

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I’ve been seriously exploited due to severe paranoia

It is good to be assertive.

I’ve also been prone to become very generous with beggars and bums when I experience a psychotic break. It’s not exploitation as these people need money like air, but later on when I come back to my senses, I feel stupid.

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What happened @firemonkey ?
Can you please link to your previous post?

It was a site claiming to predict intelligence by AI. I was sceptical, but on the other hand have heard of AI being used for weirder things . I emailed to get more details and was sent a reply that indicated it was genuine.I thus had several goes at it. I emailed about problems re predicting my sex and age. I got a reply with details. A little while later I noticed the scores went up with age. I emailed them but my email was returned as undeliverable. Also the contact link which previously had opened a contact form now just lead to the defunct email address.

I take things extremely literally.

I respond to people’s words to the exclusion of the big picture, the context, the body language, or a good sense of the perspective of the other person.

This makes it a lot easier to exploit me for sure. It has made me both naive and paranoid over the years.

Even now, with this better understanding of myself, it is still very hard, especially in the moment.

I operate like that

Have been caught by scams a lot as this seems to be an autopilot stuck on the whole time

Don’t really factor in malicious things or bad intentions.

Caused me absolute hell growing up

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