Vraylar vs abilify

Has anyone been on both of these and can compare?

Im on abilify and it works fine except for tiredness which ironically shouldnt be as much as an issue as other antipsyhcotics. But im wondering what are others experience of the two drugs?

My psychosis is more or less controlled by abilify. So it may not be worth switiching.

But i want something as cognitively friendly as possible because im about to start studying maths

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I tried vraylar for two weels and it gave me akathisia.
Now im on abilify and its working pretty good.

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Ive got enough akithisia on abilify. Maybe its not worth looking into.

What dose abilify are you, and do you take anything for the akithisia - if you dont mind me asking

I dont remember now, but i think im on the lower dose, i think its 5mg, but im going up to 10mg in a week. For the akathisia i only change the med, didnt try anything

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Vraylar made me manic. Very bad drug for me. Abilify made me immediately put on pounds, so I stopped it before even knowing if it would be helpful.

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I have been on both

Abilify I was on 30mg for about 2 months, and I relapsed and ended up in hospital :confused:

Now I am on Vraylar 4.5mg and Olanzapine 5mg for APs since September

It doesn’t work very well, but I am able to function better without so many side effects making me stay in bed the whole time

We used the Olanzapine to find a sweet spot to allow some sleep

but I am on a cocktail of other things as well, and my understanding is they sort of work together or something as a combination?

Basically the world is such a ■■■■■■■ hell hole I need to take medication to ease the pain - or I guess I am the problemo

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Ask your psychiatrist! I heard about a medicine called Amantadine I wanna try myself, the pacing is just like it, if you have extrapyramidal symptoms, they can add it for any akathisia or tarditive dyskinesia to boost focus and dopamine, but like adderall psychosis is possible so really consider the psychiatrists over that

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Hopefully i dont take anything that can cause psychosis. Ive alreayd been thru that :confused: