Please Describe Vraylar vs.Abilify

I am Interessted between the Difference of the effects between Abilify and Vraylar…

I was on both meds and for me Vraylar was more activating than Abilify.
But both of these meds were stimulating and gave me lots of anxiety.
Vraylar did however help with my negative symptoms.

Both of these drugs are partial dopamine agonists.

OK thank you. On Which med are on now`?

Did you have sleeping problems?

I’m back on Risperidone and yes I had trouble with sleeping on both Vraylar and Abilify.
But this is just my experience with them.
Everyone is different.

What Do you mean with anxiety Did you do not had immer Calm ?

Inner Calm i mean sorry

Both Vraylar and Abilify triggered Anxiety.
No they both did not make me feel calm.
These were quite stimulating.

But stimulating ist good isn´t it? Which med gave you more motivation?

They both gave me motivation but Vraylar was excellent for my negative symptoms.

Why you quit Vraylar?

Because it did not control my mania and mixed episodes.
I became psychotic on it and had to be hospitalized.

Are you suffer from positve and negativ Symptoms`?

Yes I suffer with both positive and negative symptoms.

so it works for your negative symptoms and not for the positive one`?

For me yes.
But Everyone is different!
(I sound like a broken record)

Abilify i did not like

Why didn’t you like Abilify?

Because I was restless

Abilify made me restless also.
Vraylar is similar to Abilify in lots of ways.