Vraylar my 6 months experience

Hi, an update for you friends I’m taking Vraylar (Cariprazine) 3 mg psychosis dose no side effects, It took a few months to adjust to the med, but it’s actually a lifesaver for my condition

I was on Abilify + the maintena 400 mg and it was not good for 10 years. mood swings, and there were periods I had to add Seroquel XR and had severe cardiac problems and side effects… pre heart attack

Now that I’m taking Vraylar 3 mg the quality of my life has improved from the lamictal induced psychosis (mania) I got, well I must say Vraylar 3 mg when you row (fly) through the initial adjustments is a good medicine, i tried clozapine, zyprexa, solian, geodon, abilify, risperidone, seroquel with horrible side effects and sometimes not working…

I hope this testimonial helps someone in struggle,
Also started minocycline 50 mg twice daily 4 days ago…


Good for you @jeroenp!
I’m glad it’s working!

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Awesome that it’s working for you better than the older medications.

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I want to try Vraylar so bad but its not available here. Idk if it will ever be.

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nice to hear things are a bit better now.
I hope things keep improving.

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Vraylar saved my ass too. In addition to medicine, I take a couple of vitamins but most importantly I

  1. Exercise almost every day
  2. Green leafy vegetables every day
  3. Olive Oil (Omega 3’s) every day
  4. Keep my cool; I try and act well no matter how other people act

I hope that helps

Great to hear you are doing well

How did Vraylar help with negative symptoms, if you had those?

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Help but not gone

Ok. I’m in a similar position with Olanzapine - negatives a bit better but still an issue for me

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