Volunteer Work to fill in years of unemployment

So, I’ve been told that some volunteer work will prepare me for a part-time job or full-time job. Volunteer work will also explain to any potential employer what I am doing currently and to get me accustomed to working hourly shifts. I’ve been unemployed for a few years living off of disability benefits. I’ve got to get off of government support and earn some income like any normal person would.

The odds are against me since majority of schizophrenics are unemployed but there is a small percentage of schizophrenics that are working.

Similar to any task or project in life, incremental steps are a beginning. Building on those incremental steps and accomplishing the goal is what I hope to aim for.


that sounds great @anon35453467 way to go :slight_smile:

i wish you all the best in your endeavours,

voluntary work is so good for the health if you can do it, even just a little bit, it gets you out and its a great distraction from our own problems :slight_smile: something to concentrate on other than sz :slight_smile:

well done


Try doing volunteer work for a better resume. Also you do know that volunteering requires some professional skills. That is part of the reasons why I can’t do so many of them.


Thanks @asgoodasitgets I hope this volunteer work will get me out of the house during the weekday hours and off of this forum in a good way.

@Illvoices Yes, I was told that my old resume needs updating and volunteer work would make my resume more current that what it was in the past.


You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, you’ll be a legend (at least in my head) if you succeed.


I hope my volunteering will go some way to filling my CV but for a large part I think we just have to say we were sick because the gap is just to big to cover up.


@Coldcomfort Time will tell if I succeed or not but we’ll see.

@Richard888 This placement agency I contacted specializes on people with disabilities and is aware of my schizophrenia as I disclosed it to them. I want to know if any employer will hire a person with a mental illness.

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Legally I think they wouldn’t be allowed to not hire someone because of any disability but I suspect they might be reluctant because of their prejudiced and fear of us becoming sick all the time. All I think we can do is try to cultivate the positives we can bring which is were some good volunteering might help.


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