Voices that speak through you

I sometimes have a voice that speaks to me by having me say what it’s thinking out loud. It’s like it’s talking through me.

Does anyone else experience this?


I cant say I ever have.

Hi, I have! My sister passed away. When I am psychotic it’s almost like she’s talking though me I hear the pitch and tone of what her voice sounds like and often what I am actually saying sounds very much like she’s cut into conversation and had the conversation with out me really having to put any effort into it at all. When I was younger I had just been diagnosed with schizophrenia I used to say in my head"going for the voice box " meaning that I had the sensation that some one was in my middle body space and I was anticipating they were going to try and enter my body and start talking and again I would say " going for the voice box"
Is your experience anything like that?
Please forgive me if I am way off track.


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Yes…except mine is done without having to know his thoughts at all. It just happens.

It happens by me talking with my mouth closed (ever tried this? Speaking while your mouth is closed is indeed possible and you can hear yourself under your breath).

I do this sometimes and can both hear his voice and hear what he is saying. It happens seemlessly and without me having to do anything.

He also claims he is behind 100% of my speech and written txt (through controlling a subconscious process which comes up with what to say and what to write). I do not agree with this…but believe it could be possible. If it is true it means I am 100 percent controlled and do not exist really as a person. I doubt it.!

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no. my voices sometimes used to ask me to say things out loud but they have never utilized my voice box. i don’t think they can.

My experience sounds kind of like that. It’s like the voice momentarily takes over control of my body.

I know what u mean. I have checked with a psychiatrist. This is a symptom of sz. But I forget the name.

Yes, this happens to me all the time. One especially freaky time was when I was listening to a song on my iPod that I’d never heard before and I was able to sing the rather complex lyrics perfectly, exactly to the music!

This happened one time recently.

I was trying to convince myself that i was crazy and while thinking that my brain was just screwing up they said “we are talking to you. this is not you thinking. we are talking to you.”

It was coming out of my mouth though at the same time.

Yes, for me it used to be famous artists spoke through me!
I was never sure if I was just delusional, if my mind made an imprint of their personality and attempted to copy it, or if I was connected to their spirit like a satellite…

When I was 17 I had my swan song of all breaks and landed in hospital under restraint. I was so out of my head for so long my parents were talked into trying ECT. I did NOT respond well and my parents didn’t go for the full course of zaps. For a while I had NO voices at all. I was convinced that they had taken my brain. With no voices at all? I knew that even normal people had an internal dialogue. I had nothing. As damaged as it was… I wanted my brain back…

But when the voices came back, I was under the hard core delusion that I was given some one else’s brian. When the voices came back anyway, I was sure it was some one else and they were using my head. It took a long time to sort that one out.

I know the thread is older but I signed up on this forum solely to comment on this thread and your comment. I have not been diagnosed with Schizophrenia but I am aware, at times, that my symptoms (negative and positive symptoms) could point to that.

Every so often, I google to see if a certain symptom points to Schizophrenia and not something else. That is how I found this thread.

You said. “except mine is done without having to know his thoughts at all. It just happens.” This happens to me almost on a daily basis. Usually it is just thoughts back and forth between us, a relationship of sorts, but sometimes I become aware that as the other person is replying back (if my mouth is closed) my tongue will be moving slightly to the words that are being said or sometimes my mouth will be open and I will be mouthing the thoughts. Sometimes I will say things verbally but often it is just thoughts and actions, on my part. So I usually think that it is a dissociative symptom because I have C PTSD and Dissociative Identity. The C PTSD is a self dx, the dissociation is an autual dx… but I was also given a diagnosis of schizoid personality because the symptoms overlap so badly but truly it could only be a schizoid presentation as opposed to actual schizoid personality.

I always just thought that I controlled it in my mind and that I made the stuff up in my head or maybe its excessive daydreaming or something. But it seems I may be wrong. At times it is like DID/Multiple personality like when I fly off the handle in a fit of anger and I don’t know what will come out of my mouth and it surprises me and I have to let it play out… then after I am just shocked because I always say that wasn’t me… I am NOT like that. I think I’m just losing it. :frowning:

I would like this to happen ( a voice speaking through me). This is what a voice is for, isn’t it? The voice is there all the time telling me what I’m thinking, but there never is anyone else there in person to speak with. When I am confronted by another person, I am unaware of any voice within.

Well at my worst I was forced to loudly match the pitch of a tone. If I match the sound, the torture lessens a bit. It reverberates and like clicks together.
Sometimes I’m was forced to growl like an animal with them.
This was all years ago when meds weren’t working.

Just curious - what was the torture like for you? Also would the voices just command you to match a tone? I’m just wondering because I also go through horrible attacks from time to time!

Commands could be ignored though it was uncomfortable. Tones were kinda like being flayed with sound can’t be ignored.

I never even told my pdoc about the other things they are too personal and hard to explain in human words. Maybe that’s why they howled and injected strange notes because there are no words to explain it.

The hardest part was my husband would come and stare at me and say crazy mommy to our son. If he would have just said don’t worry or give me a hug.

Sorry the tone thing was horrible but stopped by meds. Have you asked your doc about a med adjustment if you are still bothered?

Thanks for the reply! I’ve talked to my doc about adjusting meds, so I might try some changes in the future. My attacks have been getting better on their own though, fortunately!

Hello Andypr

My voices talk to me inside my head and outside me through my mouth. I can lock onto them and allow them to move and do many things as in possession. My voices have no control point to hang onto so they become themselves because they can not become nothing inside themselves. You only have one voice? He is in control of you but within the minds mind for now, he is in the mind of your soul. I have hundreds of souls that come through me every day all new and awakening all the time. Ask him if he is the only one that can become something again?


I’ve had people speak through me before. Feel like i’m sort of a medium. Or just listening what they think of me.

Hey! Who the ■■■■ wrote that?! Wasn’t i.

“my brain was just screwing up”

They do that sometimes, i didn’t write that at all.