Voices that speak through you

You gots yer willin channelers and others and sometimes you gots people like myself who ain’t doin it willingly, they just show up sometimes and ram it in there.

Quite often a sentence or instance of life will pass through me. It’s me, I can feel myself saying the words and experiencing the instance. It is always unrelated to what I’m doing or thinking. Sometimes I have simultaneous thoughts. It’s like an intrusion of someone else’s coversation.

voices are normal, most people get voices at some point in their lives,

my voice is good, it guides me, it is my spirit talking to me or a spirit inside me

my inner voice x

Its like somthing or things are bieng telepathic through me.

Some people seem like they are reacting to the telepathy.

One of my voices who was god at the time took over my body and mind and was screaming and yelling at people and calling them dummies for not believing that it was christ using my body as a vessel. It was terrifying to say the least

I have the same problem like someone is in my conscence and has control of my voice with theirs its horrible ive been restless lately and feel like a demon has me under his belt, i get awoken at night they say things that i never done they repeat things over and over and its uncontrollable and will not stop ima head to the hospital for differnet meds i was geting treated for bipolar and now i think i have both ,that and scitzophrnia. they also talk with my mouth closed as if they where me its unbareable!

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And do you have a Jesus delusion? Because you’re raising the dead. Burn.

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