What does the voice in youre head talk about

What do the voices in youre head talk about


Welcome back. I’m aka pianogal.

Do you mean internal thoughts or voice hallucinations that sound like they’re outside you’re head and really there?

They tell me with harsh words what I have been avoiding and comfort me when I am open to them doing so.

Since voice content doesn’t depend on being internal or external it doesn’t matter whether you can actually hear the voices or not.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing such hurtful thoughts.

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The voices don’t bother me I am used to them. They are just thoughts to me anymore.

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I am thinking about all kinds of things, i just let the BS flow.

They usually talk ■■■■ or mess with me.

I only hear external voices when I’m hearing things. Mine aren’t mean. It’s usually a single male voice making comments about what’s going on around me.

I call her “Vicky” - no idea why, it just fits her. Its all-condescending rubbish, “bless you” “you’re an angel for children” blah blah.

She doesn’t crop up often - but it’s a sign the depot injection is usually due. And i will up the pills for a bit :crazy_face:

I’m so used to her now - it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

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What’s condescending there?

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Trust me it is. Telling me “I’m special” etc. Took me years to learn not to go down the rabbit hole with her.

It was a perfect storm of feeding my delusions. I thank God now; I’ve developed a sort of “second brain” and see it for what it is with a bit of insight.

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My voices are very realistic, in a way, I mean the content is inventive and it makes me believe in them. But they do repeat things. They say, “you made a monkey out of me”, and," I’ll get it back" a lot.

I have internal voices that say im gonna get paranoid. I normally dont hear external voices.

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