The voices are trying to convince me im going to hell forever

but i refuse to believe, but i can understand why after all the bad stuff i said to them about god. They said its forever. They will insult me when im trying to ignor them. Its like the better i try to do for myself the worse they get. I used to be less functioning but ive gotten better i even recently lost 60 pounds, but at the same time the voices just got worse. I cant get rid of them, and if i believe im going to hell then i cant function, so all i can do is just believe they arent real and all it is is an illness, but i cant forget at the same time…

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When I was psychotic in hospital I felt it was made telepathically clear to me that I too was going to hell.

I’m an atheist but it still scares me to this very day. It was very vivid.

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it like gives you ptsd, all of this time living with it, i l know will cause me mental trauma

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I have heard voices, not too often, however. But what I did have frequently was thoughts in my head that did not seem to be my own.

One time I was on a painting crew. There, I was supposed to clean up this ceiling so that we could paint it. Soon, the scary thought I heard in my head was, “Scrub like you are cleaning the stain on your soul!”

Thankfully, I don’t have kakka like that anymore.

I think I’m going to hell too. What helps me is reminding myself I have an illness and this is just part of it. But it does feel traumatizing. I never thought of it that way however.


What the voices say and what you believe are two different things.

The voices said things to me but I never believed what they said or took any actions based on what they were telling me to do, I ignored them and sometimes I did the opposite just to spite them.

Nothing bad ever happened from ignoring the voices or doing the opposite of what they told me to do.

don’t believe it. no one person knows what’s going to happen after we die, let alone a person’s voices being accurate. just remind yourself how inaccurate the voices are

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