Voices over and over again

I’m alone now. I’m totally alone. No one is at home apart from me.

I’m hearing voices telling me: “You know you want this, you know this. So go ahead overdose, overdose etc. Everything is gonna be over, you don’t need to suffer anymore” over and over and over again.

A part of mine is telling me to overdose. I want them to stop. It might be a good idea but Quetiapine is poison and I don’t want to die. They want me die but I don’t. I’ve just realized I want to live. I want to and I don’t. I know they will stop if I do this, the more I think, the louder they are.

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Hmmm your meds don’t keep the voices in check. That is a shame and you should immediately let your medical team know about your struggles. Maybe a med increase or change will help.
What other APs have you tried before quetiapine?

you need to call 911 or whatever the emergency number is for your area. I’m not kidding, call for help right now!

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Ask them to help you to live. Tell them you need love and support.

If that doesn’t work there is a meditation technique where you let things go like they are clouds floating by. Each of their words just pass you by. All distress and worry comes, is acknowledged, let go.

Also you need to call someone else for help. Is there anyone you can call?

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I was on Risperidone, Olanzapine, Haloperidol etc

I’m on Quetiapine and Aripiprazole right now. I stopped taking Quetiapine recently, it made me sleep all day night.

I can’t call anyone. They will call ambulance on me.

Do you need an ambulance? Are you going to hurt yourself?

I can’t. They will lock me. They will put me in the mental institution.

I’m trying not to. I’m doing my best no to hurt myself. I don’t need ambulance. The last time I called, they brought me to the mental hospital

Maybe you need to try clozapine. It seems like your auditory hallucinations are treatment resistant. This sounds urgent to me.

I’m not quite sure if it is hallucinations. It sounds pretty real to me. Sounds like my neighbours. And I’m not delusional.

I was convinced that my dad was using telepathy to talk to me. But when I started taking amisulpride, which is an AP, the voice in my head stopped.
These hallucination can seem very real, but telepathy or mind control are not possible. Fortunately.

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honey a hospital is better than hurting yourself. They can help stop this torture that you’re going through.

are you in the US?

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I would rather die than go to the hospital. It’s more than hell! Believe me

If you want to drown the voices, try listening to music until your family or housemates come back home.

If you are in the US then you can call the suicide prevention lifeline at 1 800 273 8255 there is someone to talk to you that can be there to help you through this

@mongolina, maybe you should take seroquel again than hearing voices… It is better to sleep all day than listening voices…

The thing about voices alot of people don’t realize is that it is your phycological and emotional reaction to them thst causes you to begin to feel hopeless and helpless. If someone was saying these things to your face you would react in a defensive and stand your ground but yet since they are disembodied voices you are giving them the upper hand out of fear. This is giving them too much credit this increasing the magnitude of how they effect you.
You can physically damage yourself as well as emotionally by reacting to them. This creates a cycle. When we hear them we instantly react and overreact. You space and privacy feels intruded and you don’t see a way to solve this. Keep your chill, Keep yourself busy or take a break when ever they start to stir.

They get me in a tight spot everytime I’m enjoying something. Not because of what they even say, it is the way I react. Like earlier this morning I was enjoying weedeating I was cool headed and calm thinking subvocally to myself.
I have damage to my inner speech mechanism ( talk about a Bi#ch when dealing with voices). But anyway I started hearing voices and I chalked it off as neighbors talking to each other and continued about my business a little more edgy and tense as before. So now my thoights and what I’m saying to myself becomes more fast and less in the flow, thus creating an imbalance. Now the voices are reacting to everything and putting me on the spot.

So instead of just shutting up and composing myself I tense up and get over defensive and throw all logic and reasoning out the window because hey who the ■■■■ has a right to be in my pwrson business stepping on my toes about what I’m thinking. Being the type of person I am I try to keep the peace and break myself in the process. I have damage to the nerves and tendons in the area above my right ear. I tense up, BAM feels like I have no skull in that area, Like my brain and mind are pouring out of a gapping hole.

Then it’s back to the cycle. The damage was caused by veing way to tense and literally ripping the nerves and tendons due to stress. Not on purpose of course.

What I’m saying is don’t fall into this cycle don’t ever get them the satisfaction of gaining an upper hand because once they have one and have dug a hole then it’s alot harder to beat the cycle.

You can be overly aware of what is actually happening but react wrongly and it does no good.

Knowledge is knowing facts. Wisdom is knowing from expwrices and being able to apply them properly.

Be patient, be kind and yourself.

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My voices have told me to kill myself for years. If it gets too bad call a help line. That’s what I do. Sometimes the voices just repeat themselves over and over again and it gets to me. Stay strong and don’t listen to your voices.

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@jjw17 this is basically what I deal with daily or at least weekly when trying to work and maintain unhealthy lifestyle

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