Voices - liars?

My voice lies constantly. There are also massive inconsistencies in what they say.

He also acts extremely wise…and as if he is a supreme judge of everything. This to me is far worse than lying…to act as if you know everything.

Anyone else like this?

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No,none of my ‘voices’ have that kind of personality.

Yeah. You are lucky…I would do anything to have a voice with some other kind of personality.

One of mine personalities is worrying and bad at times,he is violent,aggressive,likes gore and can be threatening and mean to me,but he has said before he loves me and everything he does is because he cares or because he thinks it fun/funny to make me upset or piss me off :expressionless:
But I love him anyway,he’s part of me so I should love him I guess :slight_smile: <3

My voices lie constantly. It’s usually to get me to believe in some ■■■■■■■■ scenarios, like an intelligence conspiracy or that they r on my side. Huh. That’s laughable! How does a voice that’s on ur side ask u repeatedly to commit suicide? They say things like we’re gonna chop u up after u die, feed u rotten food, burn u alive, give u a stroke, a heart attack, choke me, brek my neck…the list goes on and on. These days I don’t really get riled by it. Only now and again I pay any heed. It can b depressing but it is what it is I guess but yeah definitely liars, all the time. Xxx

Hi. I often wonder why they are the way they are. Must be something to do with the human mind…because there are so many people out there who have voices like ours (ones that lie all the time and make big claims). It’s weird.

As I said, my voice is EXTREMELY annoying in the way he pretends to be a judge of character and everything else. He might say something like “That person is far better looking than that person”…as if he is the judge of looks. Know what I mean? It’s really frustrating, because naturally when you hear something that you disagree with you react.

Over the years my voices have mellowed. I only have maybe 5 distinct ones left. The rest is just sort of murmur and conversation loop. One is just nonsense panic babble and I can ignore that one. The rest are just sort of commentating and making noise.

I only have one that really upsets me a lot and can almost make me puke. But that voice doesn’t come out very often. :relieved:

If that was one of my voices they would say that person is far better looking than me. They would then do an impression of that persons voice saying mean things to me. Yes u do react. I can’t halo but react but I’m learning to say yeah whatever and just carry on regardless. Xxx

“Are you a liar?”

“Yes.” They say.

“So, stop lying.” I say.

“No.” They say.

“If i get the chance im going to kill you.” I say.

“You won’t.” They say. “We can’t die. Maybe thats a lie though.”

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Thanks, pansdisease! I actually found that line about it possibly being a lie quite clever…smart!.

OK…But what about the voice in your head?


My voice is a liar - he says I am a liar! And he said I am pretending. He says I would get sick if I don’t do this or don’t do that, and when I ignored him, nothing happened, I didn’t get sick. So it makes me wonder why I still believe him when he talks to me. Idiot! is it part of madness? maybe its the devil.

“I’m a liar”
Oh, then if your a liar, then your lying now, your not a liar, your honest.
So, if you say your a liar, it’s a lie?
Yup. Now you know.

My voices sound like audio in the background they talk to me like a normal person would but they read my intrusive thoughts and sometimes respond. I don’t think they lie but i wish they would only say sweet things to me. They act disgusted or shocked. Even while writing this one woman said “I never acted disgusted or shocked.” Stop reading my mind.

I have voices that accuse me of things I’ve never done and tell me they’re investigating me. This has been going on for 12 years, so it’s obvious if someone was investigating me, they’d know I have never done any of the things my voices accuse me of.

They also talk about picking sides and a female voice will claim I’m hers and a male voice will claim I’m his. This goes on pretty much every night.

Also when I’m thinking, the thought projection delusions kick in, and I hear voices telling me to ■■■■ or they will make me pay. I’ve learned to just go with it, after 12 years no one has made me pay for my thoughts.

You aren’t alone. When I get delusional I start thinking there’s some closet psychic group that feeds off of negative vibes and they try to make me feel bad at any thought. Also, I’m very pre occupied with thoughts of heaven and hell, and while I believe hell is something you take with you and not a place you go, if I have a bad thought, the voices will clamor and whisper to me that my fate is sealed.

Hang in there, I’m learning how to cope after 12 years. It will get better. You aren’t alone with this illness.

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When I was in the hospital recently, one of the nurses told us to say to the voices, or to remind ourselves:


Sometimes it helps bring me back down.

“When i get delusional I start thinking there’s some closet psychic group that feeds off of negative vibes and they try to make me feel bad at any thought” I feel this way all the time. They are inside my body and outside criticizing me. A closet psychic group of people who feed off my negative thoughts.


Sounds like mine, has a Godly demeanor, until it lies…

My voice ruins my life. - manage the situation before the situation manages you

Ahh I’ve had cases like that, I get threatened quite a bit if I don’t do what one of they say, one told me to get a knife and attack someone today and I said no I can’t do that so he said I will punish you then and started making me claw into myself and trying to get me to cut because he likes gore so if he’s happy the happiness spreads round to the rest of us. @GreysonTyco