Voice attack, dormant monster

My voices are taunting me, they say:

You liar! hypocrite!
One day it will become you, its morphing. You will become a monster one day. One day you really will push your husband down the stairs. Goddamn liar. Liar, liar, pants on fire, ha! Ha!ha!ha! cackle cackle. Liar liar one day you will be that monster you are such a liar. Hurt yourself then you will be real.

Oh God its incessant, need to see doc, need to see doc, need help. But then it dies down again, but always that dormant monster scares me…

Its so good to tell you guys this stuff, to get it off my chest. I feel an urgent agitation and excitement inside but its bad and in the background its always the voices saying

You liar, you hypocrite, you’re just pretending everything!


thank God its out

I hope things improve, when do you see the doctor?

So sad it happens to you too. I also hear I’m a liar and that I’m making things up. Some days are good. I’m almost completely normal and I believe the voices. That I made it all up. Next day could be a bad day. They’re laughing at me. Telling me nobody likes me. That I’m retarded. Tells me to push ppl. Or jump in front of a train. Once they tried to convince me I had maggots in my brain. I heared them crawl.

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I see the doctor 14 August

Wow, I feel so relieved I’m not the only one! That I’m not alone… Thanks for sharing.

I wish you well.

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I hope you feel better soon @Hadeda - try to stay in communication with your doctor as soon as you can if these taunting voices continue - you just might need a med adjustment

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Rebuke the Jinn… I honestly don’t let some voices comments bother me and i have heard far worse… or even things that were true but years ago and I’ve long since changed and they have mocked and tried to tell me I am still that person.

I have mocked them back and called them liars, deceivers, manipulators, love starved attention seeking pathetic entities with no friends, who need true friends, who need love, who need to change from hate and fear to love and peace, and to be nice or they will implode by their own darkness.

Once I am done tormenting them with these truths at times I can hear a devil cry… they are just simply not used to that reaction from people, but it surely works.

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Hope you`re out of the woods soon Saadiqah.