Voices attacked me today

All seemed dream-like and I had bad voices arguing about why I need to die, plus the running commentary that drived me crazy.

I took double dose of abilify but nothing worked

I still feel like in a dream. Everything is strange. Voices are more quiet now

I can’t stand the running commentary. It’s crazy.

Now he’s looking at his father. He’s looking at the sea. He scratches. He swallows his saliva. He blinks. I can’t even move my little toe

I think you have treatment resistant schizophrenia.

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I think it too. 15161515

You were sounding better. What happened? Are you still taking your meds?

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I am taking a lower dose than the recommended. Today I took 60mg abilify and 60mg haldol. Nothing stops the running commentary

I’m sorry you struggle with the voices so much. That running commentary can be so maddening. I hope you can find some relief soon.

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I’ll beat their ass if they hurt you.

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You still sound more lucid than in the past

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The last two nights i struggled with voices too. Tonight Alien screamed at me when I was praying, it was hell.

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How did you cope with it? You let them do what they want?

I try to distract myself with music or writing in my journal. Sometimes I tell hubby and he distracts me by talking to me.

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