Heard voices tonight for first time in a month. They told me to

Kill him. Kill him! You hypocrite LIAR! You psychotic b**ch. Kill him! Strangle him! Murderer!

I was crying. I love my husband. I don’t want to hurt him. Alien is so nasty. He threatened me not to tell my husband about my voices so I avoided it. They threatened me not to tell anyone but I just got to tell you guys because I know a lot of you understand.

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Oh man. I’m so sorry. Do you have a prn AP you can take as needed?

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Yes I can take an extra 100mg amisulpride but I think I’ll be ok now. He’s gone quiet again.

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Ok. That’s good.


I’ve had this for about 16 years now, it may take some time to realise they meaning the ‘voices’ are attempting to bait you,just brush them off.

Could I ask from which location are they broadcasting from, would it be one or two rooms in the house at the moment.

Would be great to hear back from you.

Take care

Voices sound so scary. I don’t get voices just lots of paranoia if I leave the house.

I’m very sorry that the “alien” in your head was active again. Maybe it is time to add 50mg or 100mg Amisulpride to your regiment. Just consult your Pdoc ASAP.


They are broadcasting from inside my head. They are silent voices but I perceive their words, tone, volume and gender. They are not my thoughts but two spirits in my head Alien the bad spirit and Sarah the good spirit

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It’s not my thoughts but spirits
It’s not more in one ear than another
I don’t get earache but sometimes when they talk I cry and get headache.

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