Voices and Masturbation

Anyone have negative voices when attempting masturbation?

Anytime I even think about masturbation a kid who’s psychically connected to me goes off like an alarm and alerts the other voices to prevent me from doing so by: banging on walls, yelling, stomping, shaming.

The kid also alerts everyone for my brother for the same thing. The external voice that’s outside almost 24/7 starts threatening to kill him.

Then again this could extremely crazy narcissistic neighbors who hacked my phone and computer, installed cameras and mics and has a psychic relative who can read every thought I have.

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Yep. I made it awkward and made em apart of it. None of us were happy, but I can masturbate without caring about them now.


If you get intrusive voices whilst having a sneaky wank - imagine your coming all over their faces.




But yeah it’s invasive and it happens every now and then, it’s a real invasion of privacy.

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Just curious how did you make them a part of it?

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Yea when I was off meds I had voices commenting on it while I was doing it, was annoying.

Also it didnt feel good or satisfying bcz of no privacy due to voices.

Well, first of all, Imma freak. :sweat_smile:

When i masturbated the voices started screaming at me they reacted very badly to me doing it and they tortured me for wanting sex.

They also said a had a very boring lifestyle since i didnt get girlfriends for me and i was being punished for that.

I have the opposite problem the voices try to make me masturbate

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Well, it would be nice if the neighbours would stop with the comments. Just because my curtains are open doesn’t mean they need to look. Perverts.

I’d probably prefer that. My tactiles can be very sexual, but the voices usually aren’t.

That’s a reason not too.
I would go for positive experiences; if it is negative, don’t do them.

Diogenes was masturbating in public,
and when people told him that he
should be ashamed, he said “why?
I satisfy a natural drive with my hand.
i wish I could satisfy my hunger by rubbing
my tummy”


I rarely masturbate.
But voices think I’m pathetic

They used to do the “your pathetic” thing to me too

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i don’t masturbate… i used to but i stopped doing it =p
i don’t any sexual drive at all these days…

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