Voices, mood and masturbation

just having a discussion with maggotbrane about the effect that masturbation has, if any on the way and content of voices. just out of interest and from a purely scientific point of view. could you tell me how often you masturbate and what your voices are like roughly ten minutes afterward and for the next three hours afterward? is there a correlation between the release of oxytocin and voice content?
are your voices quieter, happier, less degrading, less negative in the three hours following masturbation? if there is a difference i’d like to try an experiment with masturbation with maybe 1 person doing it once a day, doing it twice and so on until we get to 4 times a day over the period of say 12 weeks? anyone up for this? and posting results?

4 times a day holy ■■■■.

It doesnt really have any effect on my voices. They do seem to go away during the process. I think its more of a focus thing than a chemical issue.

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In the Victorian times they used to say there was a link between masturbation and mental illness.
They also thought that that inducing a orgasm with a vibrator on a woman cured delirium!

Anyway mine used disappear for up to 3 days if I tried to masturbate over the voices, they say it’s against the rules.

But for personal reasons I’m not going to take part in your “study”!

Lol @jaynebeal. I didn’t expect you to start your own study.

What I meant was you might find some info if you studied old threads.

can i ask you, dd they only go away because you masturbated successfully or because you tried? what do you think? also, what type of voices do you have? are they all negative/positive/ some of each? hope you don’t mind me asking. i’m genuinely interested a to the role (if any) oxytocin plays in voice frequency and/or content.

lmao! i’m nothing if not curiously tenacious…or should that be tenaciously curious??? you know we could also study foods that raise serotonin if anyone is up for that. lemmie look and see which foods do that…back in a mo’

Stress definitely plays a role in my voices.

So after the voices are usually gone for maybe 10-15min then they come back.

But my voices usually aren’t negative although they can be very negative it’s rare.

They are usually just a commentary on what I’m doing and thinking like they are sportscaster watching a ball game.

I have noticed that once in a while when I go off like multiple times all day I feel better overall and the voices sound like their across the street instead of right next to me.

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apparently coffee suppresses serotonin!! should be avoided except after a meal

protein should be eaten three times a day, whether from fish, eggs, beans or meat.

aim for a 1 quart tub of brightly coloured veggies a day to boost energy level. these carbs release energy slowly throughout the day.

try to eliminate white starchy foods such as white bread, white rice and white potatoes. do this for two weeks and apparently you’ll feel great.

foods to have regularly: popcorn, oatmeal (Original) eggs, nuts, peanut butter, veggies, fruit, wholegrain crackers and bread, turkey, cottage cheese.

anyone up for trying this out? no crap food allowed. for two weeks?

so there may well be a link between oxytocin and voice content and frequency. thank you so much for your honest reply x

OK at the 10min after mark the voices are there but they aren’t independent they are my thoughts.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d participate in your diet experiment but that’s how I usually eat so I would have no reference point.

And the pressure that I usually have in my forehead is gone.

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When I was unmedicated, my voices/delusions were always pretty mellow after sex, but I’m not sure if the sex caused them to be mellow, or if them being mellow was what calmed me down enough to have sex. I could never really get a romantic feeling going when my sister was screaming about getting her intestines ripped out all night long, you know?

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Nothing wrong with being curious. It’s the mark of a scientist.

I no longer have voices while on medication, so I’ll regretfully abstain from your study.

because your diet is high in serotonin producing foodstuffs that may be why your voices aren’t too negative? maybe we should find out the diets of the voice hearers who’s voices are very negative?

would anyone be up for keeping an honest food diary for two weeks on what they usually eat and two weeks on the above mentioned foods, d’you think? i’ll do it…maybe i’ll start a new thread: foods versus voices. what d’you think?

that must’ve been awful for you. can i ask which medication you take and have most meds you have tried worked for voices? just curious :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great I’ll start keeping track tomorrow I usually stay pretty healthy with my diet accept a quarter cup of sugar per one gallon of green tea and I drink about half gallon a day.

just posted the food thread if you’d care to take a look x :slight_smile: x

Lets not have an experiment. LOL

No random assignment to four masturbation sessions a day group. That’s not Mouse approved. I dont have time to pull off four times a day, I dont even want to.

Orgasms make me better symptomatically. It fluctuates. Sometimes they have the opposite effect, but that’s when I’m having a paranoid day and feel like someone was watching. Wow, this is a personal subject. At least I am honest.

Masturbation is healthy. There is something wrong if you don’t have orgasms on a regular basis, whether it’s by yourself or through sex. When I had casual partners (I’ve had seven in one year, yeah) I would not masturbate unless they were not around for some reason. I had one actual relationship and we uh had sex three times in two days. One casual partner and I had sex twice in one night, back to back. I was surprised that I was capable of it. Oh boy I will not forget that experience very soon.

I usually do it three times a week, with or without someone else. It’s part of my schedule. Im serious.

Sex is just natural. It’s part of being a healthy 21 year old man.

Sex is a touchy subject, but I do more than touch it, I penetrate it. LOLOLOLOLOL

“that was very inappropriate, no cheese tonight, Mouse.”

“I already ate the cheese and killed the cat today.”

“When you wake up, you will be hungry for more cheese and the cat will be back.”

“Dammit, that cat used up its nine lives a long time ago. This is one hell of an outlier of a cat. So far it has used 1,169 lives. I used a calculator.”

But seriously everyone does it, so why not just admit it?

■■■■ it, what have I not said on here?

To each his own.

Okay I will shut up.

This was fun.

Do be aware that sex releases different things in the brain, like oxytocin, which is released from physical contact with another person. Sex is the epitome of an oxytocin high.

Sex is a hard drug.


When I wasn’t doing well, masturbation was a whole mess of head circus. Sometimes my voices would fade and whisper and mellow out for a bit and I could sleep.

Sometimes it just opened the door to some very odd thinking… that turned into some horrid delusions. I was once convince that I was raped by an unseen / unlikely entity.

Sometimes I would feel very guilty and the voices would beat me up for doing it.
It just seemed like I never got the same reaction twice.

These days… my Latuda dose got upped and my voices have faded dramatically. The few times I have masturbated, it’s been better then a sleeping pill. No voices at all saying anything… But I do end up with some very odd and vivid dreams.

Natures nyquil lol

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i also get “beaten up” for even thinking about it, so i tend not to. i find it a very difficult thing to do when i have voices. it’s kind of like being watched and not in a good way, say like with a partner. i stopped having sex about 13/14 years ago, first off, simply because i wasn’t enjoying it anymore so why do it? then the voices started and masturbation became a nightmare thing to do. odd times i would get defiant or indignant and do it anyway but it would be rushed and purely physical, not fun or sensual. i think the last time was about 6 weeks ago, again rushed and purely for the physical feeling and oxytocin high. it’s interesting that sometimes it makes voices worse and sometimes better. that would tell me that there are a host of chemicals at play, not just oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. think i need to read a bit more!! :slight_smile: