Per usual the washing machine as it drains out water into the sink is sounding voice like .I can’t make out words but it’s getting to sound less and less vague . A part of me wants to be able to fully make out words , .


I’m that way too. I hear voices inside mechanical noises too and I can never make out words. I wish sometimes that I could.

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I did that for years but now I part def in my hearing and I let thing go. You have to under stand it’s leftover words that they are sale you.

I have a stupid habit of seeing pictures of faces and random things in the textures in the wall and ceiling in my bedroom…
Other times the air conditioning sounds like classical music…

Blehhhhh. Crazy er what?


I can hear the birds, chirping in the rain…

I think they’re saying…

Shoot, I forgot lolol Sorry all!

That happens to me A LOT, @Cloudd3ad!

You must remind yourself that your lucky you cannot hear what they are saying


Yes, you’re right. 151515151515


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