Voice and not being able to retaliate

I feel the worse thing is I am unable to lash out at the internal voices.

If they are really coming from the person I feel it is. It is unfair society deems this unacceptable.

But if they are really coming from me it still sucks as I am put in the same conundrum. Where these voices are attacking and hurting me but I cant lash out…

I know its not ‘true’ but feel the internal voice cause talk ■■■■ then hide behind the fact that its just in my mind and not a real external voice.

I had thoughts that did not seem to be my own. They seemed like they had several different personalities.

Many years later, I’m better now.


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I feel I i were to retaliate at the ‘person I hear internal voices from’, that the voices would subside.

I notice lately most of my problems come from the anger I have towards the hallucinations. I can’t kick it, I take it personally even though they are hallucinations. I feel like they are allowed to be angry at me, why can’t I be angry at them? But I just end up causing myself more grief >_< I’m not a turn the other cheek kind of guy, that level of humility shouldn’t be the burden of the mentally ill alone.

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I agree with you 100 percent and feel the same way.

I used to cuss them out all day long but they were unfazed and just kept on saying their crap. I learned to just live with it and not take what they say too seriously. It took a doctor telling me they’ll never go away three and a half years ago before I did though. If you can accept that you have to live with them you can find a way (while still taking the meds to lower the volume of course.)

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I feel the same way. I just feel sometimes the internal voice I hear is really coming from that person and they exploit the fact all my thoughts for to them (and is an asshole about it$). I feel like it is really that person I sbhouldnt let him get away with it.

I agree it seems what I say to them as comebacks unfazes them. But there words always cut me.

The thing is you can’t do anything to that person because no matter what you hear, real people can’t talk in your head. That person is innocent and doing anything to them is YOUR problem and if you harm them, a crime.

Again, no real person is able to actually talk in your head and cause you to think anything. That person is innocent. You considering doing anything to them is a real cause for concern and you need to talk to someone like a doctor or therapist about it before you do something you will regret


I find it hard to believe I am constantly insulting myself. Maybe at some point in my life I would call myself a ‘pussy’ to toughen up while playing sports or weightlifting. But I have learned to be nice to myself since developing Sz. I no longer name call myself for motivation.

Your brain can make it sound like other people. It is impossible for a real person to talk to you inside your mind.


Oh I didn’t know you thought it was a real person. I was saying it’s frustrating to not be able to retaliate because they aren’t real people. I figured that one out when I came back home after a month of “telepathy” with my brother and finding out he had no idea what I was talking about. Luckily that stuck for me.

What makes you so sure it isn’t coming from you. Last time I checked the voice has never said anything that came from me. Never a thought that sounded like it was my own brain. It has its own seperate personality.

This is the type of dangerous thinking that lands schizophrenics in the news for hurting people and makes the rest of us look bad. You’re a danger and really need help.