Voc rehab denied me

I applied and went to the interview and the guy literally decided in three minutes that I was ineligible because I said that I had been misdiagnosed bipolar. He said that schizophrenia isn’t something that changes and that was the end of the interview. I’m appealing his decision. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of situation?

NO. But everyone knows that different Drs. will hand out different diagnoses. And they might not be the right one. 3 minutes. Maybe he needed a number of people to cut from the list.

Sounds penny wise and pound foolish to me. Be assertive with the beaurocracy.

I wondered about that too-needing to eliminate mindlessly issue.

Thx, I am going to try some assertiveness!


Above is a link to the National Disability Rights database. There are Disability Rights offices in almost every state. The state list is on the linked screen. You can click on your state to find its Disability Rights agency. They can help if:

"CAP (Client Assistance Program)

"You need help getting services from VR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services).
"You have been told you cannot get help from VR to go to school or get a job.

"VR services have been denied or delayed.
“VR is not helping you find a job.”

Since you are making an appeal, it might go faster if someone who knows the system gets involved.

There are so many reasons people at VR and other agencies make mistakes; I’m sorry this happened to you.