Anyone ever sent to vocational rehab?

I’ve been “normal” that is except the suicide attempt, so now the Pdoc wants to send me to vocational rehab! WTF!! Anyone do this?

I tried, but the place I went would only accept people they deemed employable and I didn’t make the cut. That was several years ago, though.

I go to a place called BRS called Bureau of Rehabilation Services…I went last fall and they gave me 60 hours work trial evaluation on a farm. Now I have another work trial starting soon at a nature center. They hook you up! And help you find a job. And eventually you get hired somehow, someway. I think it’s awesome.

Mine is done through the state though, is yours a private practice cuz those aren’t as good (I’ve done that before). The one I’m doing is free and they tell me “Go to _______________ on ____________ and work yo ass off!”

I really like it.

I just don’t know about working. I was really hoping to get insurance through SSDI. Without it I’m going to be a mess.

Health insurance? I just got my medicare card in the mail. It took like a week process it was so easy being on SSDI.

And in June I can get Medicaid.

I like the idea of working part-time and still getting disability. It’s a nice balance in your life.


This is what I’m hoping for some day.

Vocational Rehab can help determine whether or not you can work and what type of job is doable. Depending on which state you live in, you can still get state insurance.

Tell your VR counselor about your need for insurance; they seem pretty well informed about how to balance benefits and work.

I was suggested for an assessment place back in 1978 to see what I was capable of/suited to. My pdoc of the time said I wasn’t well enough. I’d not long come off a 9 month stay in hospital. The suggestion was never repeated.
Last psychiatric assessment that included employment prospects was about 7-8 years ago. Was assessed at best as suitable for sheltered,supported employment. I think by and large that kind of employment has gone out of fashion and it’s all nowadays about pushing people into competitive, mainstream employment.

Never seen that in the part of Canada I live in, at least not for SZs. That would require funding.


Yeah man Vocational Rehab is a great program,you are very fortunate to be offered admittance my ma use to work for them,what they do is they make every effort to accomadate your disability.

So you know if you are only comfortable working certain hrs or in a certain environment they will help to fit you in according to your tolerance level basically, I use to work with this one chick that was employed through them and when just the job and life got too much for her she would just tell the boss that she needs to leave and she’d and go home.

You need to honest and forthright with them so they can find you a employer that will accomodate your particular …well for lack of a better word idiosyncrasies.

Im not insulting you we ALL have ideosynchrosies those are what define us as individuals.

Good luck with whatever you do.