Vitamin B12 deficiency

Schizophrenia is a complex psychiatric disease that is speculated to result from multiple genetic and environmental factors. A study by Silver (2000) on 644 bedridden psychotics reported that 78.3% of schizophrenic patients had vitamin B12 deficiency .


My multi has super high B vitamins. It seems to help a lot.

That’s so funny you mention that, I was going to talk to my doctor about B12 shots this winter. I don’t know how, but I forgot. I’ve had a lot of health issues lately and my brain has been on Scramble

B12 does enhance mood, which is already a good thing

@san_pedro could you supply the link to this article. I want to send it to my doctor

Maybe!. (The Bottle Is A Bit Larger)
60mg Of Caffeine Per Squeeze

18 Servings In Each Bottle

And Contains B3 B6 & B12

(Can Be Found At Walmart & Possibly Your Nearest Grocery Store)

There’s Also Store Brands And A Few Other Flavors. Thus Is Jus One Of The Flavors I Have. . .

Thought Thus Might Be Helpful Perhaps (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Can Be Found On The Shelves With The Energy Drinks (!!!).

Sorry @Cragger it wasn’t a article it was from a paragraph from google

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How come I get phsychosis from eating food? Bananas,black beans, caffeine, green tea?

I took b12 once, then I got bad phycosis (anger related)?.

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I’ve never heard of people reacting to B12 that way. Obviously not a good choice for you

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