Vitamin B12 and the risk of schizophrenia: A meta-analysis

Our meta-analysis aimed to quantify the differences of the vitamin B12 level between schizophrenic
patients and healthy controls in order to provide scientific basis for primary prevention and treatment on schizophrenia.

Previous studies suggested that high homocysteine level was associated with schizophrenia (Haidemenos et al., 2007; Nishi et al., 2014), indicating that vitamin B12 deficiency might be related
to schizophrenia. However, in our study, the vitamin B12 level may be not associated with the schizophrenia risk and it may be not necessary to treat schizophrenic patients with vitamin B12 supplements.

One possible proposed mechanism for the higher vitamin B12 level in schizophrenic patients
was that they underwent regular blood screening and received folate and vitamin supplementation if required. Drug therapy also contributed to the change of vitamin B12 level in schizophrenic patients
(Haidemenos et al., 2007). More epidemiological and laboratory studies

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