Visit to pdoc

So I saw the pdoc today at last and he also thinks I have sza and keeping me on amisulpride and olanzapine as usual but he’s putting me on a mood stabiliser as well (Lamotrigine). So we’ll see what happens now with depression.


I hope it helps.

best of luck with your med adjustment @Hadeda .

Mood stabilizers take a while to get used to. It’s a funny feeling not feeling extreme moods any more. I feel like mine needs an increase but I’m so used to taking this routine dose that I know I’ll mess it up. My pdoc wanted to increase it, but I talked her out of it. …

I also found more motivation on the one I’m on now

I’m on the same med, 100mg a day, and I love it.
I’ve had no noticeable side effects and it really helps with my depressive swings

Sza depressive here

I am also sza and i take Lamictal 150mg. It is a mood stabilizer that helps with depression and is good for me since i am the bipolar type and don’t do well on ADs. I hope it works out for you. Good luck!

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I take 100 mg of Lamictal each day, and I LOVE it. Hope it works well for you!

Thanks guys! Yes I am going to eventually take 150mg in the end - that’s my goal the pdoc set for me
I have sza bipolar type

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Lamactil is a good drug.

Did wonders for me @Hadeda

Good luck with everything @Hadeda.

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