Do you take a mood stabilizer?

If so, how vital do you think it is?

In my case, I take 100 mg of Lamictal. Every time I tried reducing it or going off it, I melted down. So I definitely need it. Just curious about everyone else and whether it’s typical to need a mood stabilizer with sz.

Are you sza? I thought sz didn’t have a mood component.

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I am on Depakote and it’s a vital med for me.
I couldn’t survive without it.

Mood stabilizers are usually reserved for those of us suffering with a bipolar mood component.


I am SZA depressive. Definitely not bipolar but I sure do need that mood stabilizer.

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Yes people diagnosed with SZA go on mood stabilizers.
This is common.

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invega sustenna depot and wellbutrin stabilize my mood. it’s not always perfect but it’s close.

I use Lamictal for moderate/severe mood swings, but my psychosis doesn’t have a part in that. Then again that’s probably obvious.

i have pretty bad mood swings. its not clear what i really have, to be honest. ive had psychotic symptoms attributed to schizophrenia, autism, pd’s, anxiety and trauma. i just shrug at this point. the mood swings definitely are of the borderline variety, in that i tend to strongly overreact to stimuli and go flying when someone bad happens in a bad direction

My AP’s act as both mood stabilizers and anti psychotics for me. I take an SSRI anti depressant with them. I am not on what you would call any strictly mood stabilizers. I am sza.


I have tried many mood stabilizers, and it didn’t end well. Depakote gave me burning diarrhea and had to stop it, rash from lamictal, trileptal gave me severe double vision and didn’t help mood, lithium made me more depressed and od’d on it 3 times. Topamax made me not sleep and psychotic both times I tried it. Gabapentin made me depressed and suicidal within a week of taking it. Usually end up in the hospital. I wanted to try lithium again, but doc thinks side effects are too much… plus past od’s. Just on seroquel XR for now, even though it’s not helping much. Not sleeping well…story of my life.

Yes Depakine Chrono 300

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I’m sza but I don’t know what type - probably bipolar. I had pretty bad mood swings in the past especially depression and mixed mood. I tried sodium valproate and lamictal in the past but now I only take two AP’s. But olanzapine, my second med is used as a mood stabiliser in my case. If i didn’t take a low dose of it I’d be depressed like anything!

My abilify acts as a mood stabilizer. I’m on Zoloft too and antidepressants would previously make me psychotic but now I’m stable on other meds I can take the Zoloft.