Video of Lavall Hall, schizophrenic, outside in his underwear with a broom, killed by Florida police

I feel much anguish for this unnecessary, senseless act. Can’t find anymore words. Just sorrow and anger.

Makes me angry too.

I would be interested to know why he was gunned down.

I know you can’t see him and I am supportive of ethical policeman, but what I see is someone screaming at a mentally I’ll person who they said was in his underwear with a broomstick. If he did charge the officer waving the broom they were told he wasn’t in his right mind and could have backed off, assessed the situation, talked softly, they just acted in the heat of the moment without regard for the pleas and statement made by his mother. This was just wrong on so many levels.

Yeah, but that cop was scared.

When I look at the picture of the young man he does not look imposing, that is, he is not hugely musclebound and he is vulnerable in his underwear which we don’t see, but I guess I am upset that he did not have training to assess a situation when he was informed that the person was mentally ill. Yes, cops get scared and act reflexively because their lives are on the line every day for us. I myself was taken to the hospital when I was screaming in public. I wasn’t armed though, but three policeman firmly put me on the ground and then took me to the hospital. That is why I am angry. He should have had training to control his fear in a mental health situation and had other officers help him wrestle him to the ground. The young man couldn’t shoot him.

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My mom called the police because I was ill and cutting e because of her boyfriend (pervert). When then the police officers arrived they were all hidden with their hands on their guns. My mom had told the dispacher that there were guns. I put my hands up in the air. These guys were peaches happy I was cooperating. I was 320 pounds. It wasn’t cause I was a pretty white girl ok. Whatever nonsense people are saying is going on I would like to see on the new mandatory cameras.
I knew this guy in a group home (sz) who liked to carry knifes around and master bait in front of people under blankets.
The mental health professionals vilified me then called me insane only to find out both parents had taken out retraining orders against him.

That is a horrible thing to go through.

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I gotta go. Still feeling shaky with emotion. Hate this illness and what people go through because of it.

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That’s no excuse, they are trained to act coolly under pressure and in stressful situations. If you’re a cop you shouldn’t go around shooting people just because you’re scared. But I guess in this case his fear got the best of him.Or the problem was that he wasn’t trained to deal with the mentally ill.

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