Mentally ill naked man in cowboy hat and boots during snow storm

It’s not laughable. It was sub zero temps and there is a video on facebook right now about a man in Michigan that was apprehended by police. I just saw the video. sad.

Yes, this is not laughable. Obviously the mentally ill naked man has no family to look after him, say send him to a hospital. He must be delusional.

I hope the police dealt with him apropriatly.

there was an interview with one of the officers and they said immediately they could tell that he was mentally ill. So I think they must have treated him nicely I hope, perhaps gave him clothing. poor man.

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I just read today that a man with paranoid schizophrenia was shot by police 3 times in Atlanta. It didn’t say whether the man survived and it was reported that he was wielding a handgun when he was met by police. A lot of mental illness in the news lately.

Laughable or no, I’d just like to say that I have an alibi.