Dear Cops: don't shoot the mentally ill


We might act erratic

we might seems crazy

but we’re not dangerous


My dad told me to always tell the police right away that I have schizophrenia

I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do or not


I think your dad is right

but many cops don’t know how to de-esculate the situation.


This is very true…They need better training.


There is no way I could be a cop. Way to many split second stuff


they have every right to protection from violence, granted,

but not every situation requires guns drawn. I guess their favorite is taser.

I think we shouldn’t take matters into our own hands, but be safe from a cop

that won’t take on an aggressive act that isn’t anything more or less.


Oh totally daze. I agree. Was just saying I would be disqualified if I was a cop.


Plz don’t shoot me my arms are thin


yep yep, the cops. They have a hard time of it when confronted.


I shot the sheriff :slight_smile: but i did not shoot the mentally ill @Daze :smiley:


But when folk are shot 8 times in the back when running away something is wrong. It used to be virtually no cops in the uk carried guns, but you see them pretty regular at airports and stuff now.


Plz remove the schizophrenia name above the site my friends are watching


yeah, agreed. I wonder if a mentally ill person ever killed a cop,

or came close. Yet, they don’t handle the situation to the highest degree.


Over here cops historically are thought of as usually being not the brightest and having a chip on their shoulder.

But I think that is an unfair stereotype nowadays. The cops here are pretty decent folk who get training on ethics and stuff. Don’t know about American cops


When I was on the ward I used to see cops coming and going all the time. Over here a lot of junior cops time is dealing with mentally ill people.

My first admission some cops pretty much saved my life. Was freaked out by it though because I was super paranoid about undercover cops. But two uniformed guys came to my house after I escaped emergency and where caring people.

They took me to the psych hospital and were very respectful. If I could meet them again I would thank them.


think we are lucky we get less gun crime, its safer i think,

i wish Other countries would agree that it would be safer without guns (no offence)


Living where I do I worry when you here about guns starting to appear in big uk cities. I am a country kid. Even going to London would scare me


idk what i would do in a situation involving cops, i hope i never get into a situation like that and if i do i would have to tell them i have mental issues and thats if i am lucid enough to do that in the first place :confused:


Yeah I think if you can saying straight away you have mental problems would be good. But I think uk cops get pretty thorough training on behaviour and body language and stuff so they are assessing you the moment they lay eyes on you


yeah but what if its not apparent and what if you cant tell them who you are bc you are too unwell, i am hopefully never going to get into trouble with the police, the last time i did it was traumatising and i have learned from that experience.