Anybody else freaked out by the verdict of the cops beating?

There’s the link hope it works out. The video is disturbing. Clearly the first officer had bloodlust and the rest have a vicious mob mentality. But how can a jury be convinced that what happened was not murder. I guess with ignorance and stupidity at an all-time high anything is possible. Maybe they were brainwashed or paid off. But how on earth can these horrible demon possessed cops be allowed to go back to work!???! That is what I see in the video is a collection of demons, evil spirits of the dead whatever call it what you want to call it, wearing human meatsuits and going to town gaining pleasure out of hurting a man who’s only cries are apologies and cries for help. Watch the video if you want to defend these murderers and then try to find a reason to.
I am deeply troubled that the people who carry guns and are here to ‘protect and serve’ are allowed to do such things and return to work. I am aware that there is a war coming and that evil is just about everywhere: on tv (news, sports, reality shows etc etc etc), in our food, our government has been almost completely taken over by it except a few good people who get voted in without being a front for giant companies, … giant companies / corporations (monsanto, BP, banks) I mean it is everywhere. So I can comprehend what has happened why it did its just plain evil. That does not mean it doesn’t make me sick. If it was a gang vs a homeless man, we all know who would be in jail.
Anyone have a thought? Are you freaked out? Am I wrong to assume we live in a almost completely militarized police state
The future is not looking bright in fact I feel like its getting darker each day. I hope friendly spirits can get on this rock of ours and clean house.

here in the netherlands it is all the same,
a cop shot a 17 year old, that said he had a gun"which he didnt had".
the police officer shot him while on foot, in the neck

the verdict is probably easy on the agent

That happens over here a lot too. Cops shooting people when they don’t have a gun. But this was different. There was no threat of danger. If you won’t watch the video the cop in the beginning asks the man to put his feet out in front, then tells him to move his feet, then is angry and says put your feet out in front to which the man replies well which one is it. This whole time the cop is putting on latex gloves. He then crouches down near his face and says do you see these fists? ‘what about them?’ ‘these are the fists that are going to ■■■■ you up.’ ‘so start punching man’
Really, watch the video. It escalates and is horrible

FYI this man had schizophrenia

That’s just terrible. What a horrible injustice.

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cops are protecting the WEIRD - western educated industrial rich democrats - the worldly minded camarilla, they are frightened, they imagine there are property rights and that everything belongs to them, and they will share with those who declare themselves tame and harmless by going to university, but against the rest they just hire as much police force as possible.

i used to attack the cops, but i guess they are just kids, stupid kids, taking a path they think will lead to some kind of power. yeah, it’s hella offensive, their conception of their own power and authority over us, the mad or the people who just don’t wanna participate in their society, don’t wanna give out the smiles that say it’s ok i won’t hurt you, wanna walk around with that look that says “nothing in this world matters to me other than the attack that is about to transpire”.

they are frightened. they feel we have nothing to offer them, since the only things they value are their own artificial world in the test tube of human knowledge, and we are only a threat, to harm them, to take their resources, or just to be ugly and smelly or something disturbing they don’t wanna see or think about.

the san leandro police department arrested me for a day and told me that the people of san leandro want this, they want the cops to give people like me a hard time and not let us just go walking around san leandro with any sense of our own power.

i think its appropriate the way it is, you guys on this site imagine that we all here have some value but i think htat’s kinda delusional, i think most people agree with the way we are managed and swept aside. If you’re being killed by police, you probably asked for it, you are probablyl somehow inhibiting the comfort and pleasure of those in power. that’s what you should get, who is going to protect you, for what purpose?

All cops aren’t bad. There are good ones and bad ones. They serve society and enforce the laws. They are there to protect the innocent from criminals. We are stigmatized by our illness. No wonder we fear them. There are plenty of horror stories in the news. Ask yourself: Does this coincide with my reality? Inner and outer danger. Fear plays upon fear. Society has to have a scapegoat. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Try to look on the bright side. It could be worse.

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There is good and bad in everything we see. As a whole, I’m talking about law enforcement, particularly the police, there is not enough CIT trained officers. Too many murders occur in cold blood. It involves bad cops - good cops as witnesses killing innocent mentally ill people. Not every cop is going to bad or corrupt, many take their duties very seriously, many have morals and see us - the mentally ill as being human. On the other side, the entire law enforcement system was designed to pacify and dampen down anything that is off mark a bit, anything that does not appear to be conservative or traditional. Lets face it most schizophrenics do not fit into the traditional stereotypical average conservative affluent suburbia type mindset. Society especially the police were trained and taught to control anything that does not fit into society’s mold of what a citizen should look or act like. The problem is many have the authority to bypass laws and rules- they carry guns and many do as they please.
I do fear the police as a whole - not because I dont follow the rules of society, its simply the fact that I have schizophrenia, and this is enough to carry fear in my heart.

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I have a lot of freedom when I’m out in public. My behavior is slightly eccentric. I think society in this country is tolerant of older people. I’m amazed that people leave me alone. How indifferent people are! I’m free to think whatever I want. I can stand for moments lost in thought and no one comes up to me and says: “what’s wrong?” Of course I always have my eye out for a cop car. I am ready to speak with an officer in his car. I don’t have an attitude. You have to avoid this when speaking with the police. Just don’t say too much. You don’t want to arouse their suspicion. Simply speak to them in a friendly way.

Freaked out yeah, surprised no, things are becoming less and less surprising.

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Yes I’m not surprised which sucks but I am freaked out. Police trigger me, Idk about you, but they cause my mind to go to a bad place. If we had an episode and this happened to one of us I would want justice. Now I feel like a precedence has been set for what can happen. Kind of like when the Nazi party first started to euthenize mentally ill. I mean what’s next? Not looking forward to that!

The police are good people, devoted to protecting our lives and property. I firmly believe that. Sure, there are bad people in every profession but I have faith in the police.

I’ve had a number of run-ins with the police over the course of my mental illness. In each and every case they have been a force of good. They protected me, my family, and my community. They treated me with respect and dignity.

Each year, the police get better at dealing with the mentally ill in a humane manner. We hear the horror stories because that’s what makes the news but for every tragedy there are a thousand opposite outcomes that go unheard and unseen.

Cops have been having fun beating up or shooting schizos. for a long time. there is no NAACP for schizophrenics to protect are rights and dignity.

This should change that, we need protection and representation!