Video game thread!


Well we had our big Super Smash Bros Ultimate battle. Agent101 must have won at least 10 times to my five. It was entertaining. Look forward to it again sometime. Anyone else have Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch?


I’m downloading smash bros now. I can see it’s one of those games people put many hours into.


Have you unlocked all the characters on smash bros ?


I have not. There are sooo many. I must have about 60 now.


The Division 2 will officially release on March 15th. I have it preordered. Will anyone else be getting The Division 2 for PS4?


So I beat resident evil 2 pretty fast like 7 hours with leon now am running senerio B with Claire which gives you the true ending kinda short game but I did unlock something called ghost survivors it’s like 3 new mini stories you can play


I think my next game will be Ace Combat 7 skies unknown


I’m about to start resident evil 2 tonight for PS4. The only other resident evil game I’ve played was resident evil 7. I ■■■■ myself. Could only play for an hour at a time.


Lol Ive been playing resident evil games since PlayStation 1


I haven’t got RE 2, I chose to spend my money on the Devil May Cry series instead (they just released 5).


I havent made it too far in RE2 yet. I need a walkthrough, otherwise I just end up with no ammo and getting chomped on.


I used YouTube a lot for resident evil 7. Got a feeling I’ll be doing that for this one.


Have you tried it with the VR headset?

Lol. I jumped a lot…

It seems a bit easier though in some places.

Like when you’re hiding? You can actually stand up and look around corners without getting spotted.

Still scared me.


So I wrecked my elbows playing FPS games for years with rheumatoid arthritis. Now I got this elbow stand that makes mousing / keyboarding really easy on the elbows, and I’m worried about falling into the same pattern of wasting another few years on FPS games without balancing it with work. The temptation is strong.

I still have the mind of a child, it seems.


There’s this game called Sekiro : Shadows die twice it’s a from software game the company that makes demon souls,darks souls bloodborne it looks similar too has anybody heard of it ?


Yeah I heard about it. I managed to pass Demon Souls but could not pass any of the Dark Souls even though I purchased the trilogy. They were too difficult for me. Sekiro sure does look cool but I’m worried it may be too difficult for me as well. I’m looking at a game called Outward which seems similar to Dark Souls. I think I’ll get Outward, I’m just worried it will be too hard as well


Yeah I know what you mean I don’t know if I have the patience for another souls type game if it’s on sale in the future I might buy it tho


No I have never tried it with the VR headset. But I’d like to.


Having to take a break on Age Of Empires 2, I just lost about 150 elo in 2 months. I am now a poor player :persevere:. I think I will play some unranked matches and get my game going again.


They need to remaster this for PS4