Video game thread!


I’ve been playing the new Tomb Raider, recently. It’s really good.

My favorite video game of all time is Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s SO GOOD. It’s a work of art. My phone’s ringtone is from that game.


I wanted to get the new tomb raider, does it have a long story?


I don’t know yet. I’m not too far in yet. Seems like it, though.


I will be retro / competitive gamer

Competitive I play league of legends and Starcraft remastered

Retro inspired
Megaman 11
Pac-Man championship edition 2 dx
Puyo puyo Tetris
Donkey kong tropical freeze
Bomberman R
Azure striker gunvolt

Those above games I play

My wish list
Bloodstained curse of the moon
Shovel knight
Dead cells
And more


Lol crap, I was hoping itd be shorter. I think that’s the reason I havent started red dead redemption 2 yet, it’s a massive game and I felt overwhelmed by it.


There’s a free decent point-and-click adventure called Deponia being offered here by, just need an account with them and a steam account linked to it.

It’s rated 74%-ish by reviewers, good to keep kids busy for a few hours.


Turns out amiibo are offered in bootleg, super cheap card form. I just got all 22 amiibo that work with breath of the wild for 12 bucks.


I’m curious does the name OcelotKitty have an inspiration from the character Ocelot Revolver from the Metal Gear Solid series?


That’s pretty cool. I only have three amigos I got for 5.99 each when they were on sale. Here they are,


Nope; that’s a good guess, though! I just simply love ocelots. They’re very pretty. My username on RuneScape back in the day was Tigerkitty5, and I just stuck with “kitty” on the end. So, OcelotKitty it is!


I have Zelda, Archer Link, Solaire from Dark Souls, and the Loot Goblin from Diablo 3.

Is that Robin, Corrin, and Marth?


RuneScape? You are now considered my fellow nerd. I never got much into RuneScape. I was more into Ragnarok Online. I’ve heard RuneScape is now available on phones. It’s amazing how technology is. I think my phone is about 80 times more powerful than my first PC. I miss my cat. My last cat was eaten by coyotes.:slightly_frowning_face:


Almost. It’s Robin, Corrin, and Lucina! Amiibos are really neat. It’s almost addictive collecting them. A friend in real life got into collecting them. He has about 42 now. I got my godson some amiibos for his birthday. He was super happy about that. For his next bday I’ll probably get him some Fortnite gift card. He’s obsessed with that right now. It amazes me how much he’s grown. He already passed Zelda Breath of the Wild. I haven’t even passed that. I think he will be 13 this year. Crazy, he’s almost a teenager now. I remember when he was a baby.


My brother is 21 and I think it’s weird, I still treat him like he’s 12 sometimes. He thinks he’s figured out the whole world, you can pick it up from the way he carries himself


My fave song has now been custom mapped to Beat Saber.

Must. Not. Use. Mastercard.



Hahah. I remember when I was 21. It was when I first started having symptoms. Around 20 or 21. I hope your brother turns out fine. The older I get the faster time seems to fly by. Last year flew right by. Speaking about 2019, any video games you are looking forward to this year? I can’t wait for Fire Emblem Three Houses.


I have a friend who plays that. He absolutely loves it. He recently built a new PC and that’s what he seems to be playing most the time.


I never played much Fire Emblem outside of completing the prologue for the original GBA port. I won’t buy Fire Emblem but I’m eagerly awaiting Animal Crossing and some ports like maybe Fallout 4 or Terraria.

As soon as the 22 amiibo cards arrive I’ll start Breath of the Wild, which I assume will be an incredible game I can’t put down. Also plan on getting Splatoon 2 when I can afford it, found out it’s a 4v4 third person shooter. Didn’t know about it until playing Inkling on Smash Brothers.


I read there will be a port of Dragons Dogma. I’m looking forward to that as well. Fire emblem series is one of my favorites. I’ve passed a few of them. I even play the one for the phone. For PC there are a few games I’m somewhat interested in. One is called Endstate. It looks a bit like the old Jagged Alliance series mixed with the remake of Xcom. Then there’s Total War: Three Kingdoms. I really like the total war series. Three Kingdoms seems interesting because of the heroes. It is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms books. Ancient Chinese semi-historical accounts.


Haha. Caved in and bought a Nintendo Switch. I have two games with the platform coming and I bought Payday 2.