Very paranoid, having difficulties talking

I am feeling very much like there is a target on my back and everyone is kicking me. As if there is some truth I’m missing out on and instead of telling me directly I’m getting attacked by weird angles of their actions and words. These thoughts snowballed out of control last year and I wound up in the psych ward. Scared and really don’t want to go back. Help!

you are fine no one is after you , take a deep breath.
try and calm your mind, go for a walk in nature, away from people.
no one is after you , you will get through this.
take care


nature always calms me down. Thanks for the support darksith

I’ll be white knuckling until this wave works its way out. It’s my goal to stay out of the hospital this year

that is okay , you can do this , you are strong , i believe in you.
take care

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When paranoia hits, I try very hard to just sit in a dark quite place like take a long bath. I take a walk, and I breathe. It’s a hard ride. I hate it when it happens.

But you can do this. Breathe, look around you and hopefully you will see that there is nothing around to kick you. Sometimes I yell at trees. They are very forgiving and they put up with a lot. No one is usually around to see me screaming at a tree.

My kid sis gave me her old cell phone so sometimes I just hold that like I’m having an angry phone call and no one give me a second look screaming at a tree.


I can’t wait to be outside tomorrow. I hope it helps and I don’t freak put when a jet flies by or a black SUV seems to be tracking my movements when they creep by. I’m feeling very uh, high? I guess would be an appropriate word to use. Wait I haven’t been taking much valium recently to see if i needed it still… Could there be a connection there?

Take your meds as prescribed and getting into nature is good idea. I have periods where I think everybody is against me. They are not. EVERYBODY is a generalization. There are probably people in you life who are pulling for you to do good. Certainly most people on here. And believe it or not, some strangers even want you to do good. They are people who don’t like to see other people taken advantage of and these people will help you. But yeah do something for fun for a change of pace. Go for a walk, go to a park, have a cup of coffee somewhere, treat yourself to a doughnut or something. I know you are in a serious situation but schizophrenia does not have to be all doom and gloom. I hope you feel better. Good luck.

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I get pretty severe paranoia from time to time. Lately I have been even more isolated because of a snow storm. Deep breathing helps me, watching some comedy shows on tv helps a bit and spending time with my dog helps.
Hope you feel better soon.

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Yes there could be a connection to taking a lesser amount of valium and increased paranoia. I suffer from paranoia, pretty much on a daily basis at different levels. I take without hesitation on a daily basis, Klonopin - a benzo similar to Valium.
Benzos help ease paranoid ideals from popping up. Also if you cut back from the Valium, you could be suffering from some withdrawal symptoms, which can cause some paranoia in itself. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about taking some more Valium at least until things cool down a bit.

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Run this loop in your head:
“They have never hurt me yet”

I switched to valium from klonopin quite a while ago because it wasn’t working for me. I cut down the valium but I’m just gonna say screw it cuz I am prescribed these pills for a reason. No sense in living stuck in fear in paranoia.

It doesn’t work for me because they have hurt me emotionally and I blame them for certain physical problems that happened to me in my past. No, no one has run up and stabbed me. But I’ve been ‘attacked’ in other ways. I’m not afraid of being stabbed or whatever so something else may be more helpful. But thank you for the support

They only think that they have some big secrets.

It helps to realize that, it’s true people love their secrets big and small and would give nothing more than to hold them over others, but you have to just realize that they only think they have big secrets.

And that makes them delusional doesn’t it. No better than say…a schizophrenic?

There is only a few learning anything at all really, but they don’t treat it in a negative fashion like the others, they are wierd like that.

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paranoid delusions. What r u so guilty about being molested? or some sexual abuse or emotional abuse?

agoraphobia, are you afraid of people judging yo because of your anxiety. when your feeling paranoid does ur chest hurt can you breather. do you feel like you are dying

wtf do u people mean there could be some truth in you slackin on your benzodiazepine, that’s 100% of the reason why try to be paranoid on benzos it aint happenin.

I often feel that way too. It doesn’t get out of control, though. Wait and see if it starts to escalate. If it does maybe you should talk to your pdoc about a med. change.

ya I know the feeling exactly you described it so that I can tell its pretty intense.

if you feel like your in a weird mood… do something weird and see if the people like that.

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Not so much agoraphobic, I love being outside in nature. The more I am around people the more it builds these weird stories, strings connect, and that builds anxiety. Which can in turn evolve into a panic attack where I cant breathe and I feel like I am dying.

I wrote this post two years ago, and I haven’t been on here in a while. So things have changed. The experiences I have are the same, but my attitude is different. Less anxiety, more intriguing and fascinating. My best friend killed himself in '14, and at one point he said, I saw a video of a schizophreni c man walking down the street, and he said “you see those birds? They’re talking about me.” With a smile. Wouldn’t it be nice to have paranoia that was pleasant and interesting? At times, I feel like I have gone from a bad trip to a more happy one.