Paranoid Help


I’ve been so paranoid lately. It feels like all my friends have it better than me, that they’re all laughing at me behind my back. I’m worried that the Ministry of Children and Family Development is operating as a front for a child prostitution ring, and that the government is using satellites to invade my mind. The Postal Service and UPS are monitoring my movements. I tried cutting myself to make it stop but it didn’t work. I can’t go back to the hospital and I don’t see my PDOC until friday.


Why can’t you go back to the hospital? Your symptoms seem pretty severe. :watermelon::watermelon::watermelon:


I want to get my tubes tied but they said I can’t have any psych symptoms for 3 months. So I need to make this go away on it’s own


Unfortunately, there’s no “making this go away on my own”. You need professional help. You sound really bad off and need to be in the hospital if you’re harming yourself. Please go to the ER and get the help you need.


Do you take your meds @Smokes ?


Listen you have one thing in your favor, insight. You know you’re being paranoid. That’s great. Now just keep talking yourself out of it. Just keep telling yourself it’s not real. And keep going over the truth of the matter until you believe the truth and can keep it straight. I know it’s hard to think one thing and feel another but just keep at it and you will get better at it eventually. Good luck.


I do but I think I might need something stronger than Seroquel


Unfortunately, you can’t will yourself out of schizophrenia.
You need help, maybe a med adjustment is in order, who knows, but don’t be afraid to seek help.

Your tubes aren’t going anywhere. Why the hurry to have them tied? If you’re sexually active, use other means of protection until you’re stable enough.

Don’t fake stability, you’ll only make things worse for yourself.


Thank you @leaf that’s a really good point! :heart:


Fortunately you still have insight. Go to a hospital


Also a very good point. I’m gonna try talking myself down, take my PRNs. I’ll be honest with my pdoc on Friday


that’s a good point. I’m gonna try PRNs and breathing exercises :heart:


It sounds like you have a good plan by taking prns and talking to someone on Friday. Good luck!


Someone recommended I get my tubes tied, I hope all works out for you