Very happy with my new MacBook Air

Got my new MacBook air M1. Very pleased with it. I don’t think I’ll be using my desktop very often now. This machine is very smooth and fast.


Yay happy for you

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I glad for you. I hate windows but I still have a PC :confounded:

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Congrats @bobbilly

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That’s great. I really want to get a MacBook this year.

I have an MSI Gaming laptop, I like it as I can play any video game I want.

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You will notice that there is no fan when running intense applications. Also, the most amount of RAM I could use was 6GB out of the 8GB available.


I think thats bcz its graphics card is integrated in the processor and using the RAM as VRAM. You don’t get that issue with dedicated graphics cards that have their own VRAM. The new Apple processors only support integrated graphics card (custom by Apple, not Nvidia or AMD). Its good for things other than gaming but not good for gaming as its weak vs discrete graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.

Idk if Apple will ever support dedicated graphics cards. Gamers will never buy these new Apple ARM products.

I’m happy with this laptop. I don’t game.


I want one — but I already have an 2016 MacBook Pro 16” =( its so slow for the price.

I looked into getting one of those a year ago. But I ended up with a thinkpad instead.

I’ve never owned a MacBook, but have come close twice.

Maybe someday…


I want to get an apple some day I think.

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I wouldn’t of been able to get it without use of my Barclaycard credit card…

I’m jealous. I desperately want to upgrade my 2014 MacBook Air

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Got mine last year. It’s a decent bit of kit. You’ll be pleased you got it!

My first MacBook Air lasted 8 years - I hope this will also last a long time.

I got a second screen to plug into for when I am working on it. Works great!


Only issue is internal storage. 256gb is not enough. 2tb should be the minimum.

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I manage quite well with this amount of storage.

The only thing I really download is music, and the photos from my phone sync on it

Long gone are the times of needing hard drive space for movies and games.

For surfing the net and music, I find I don’t really get anywhere near the amount


Ah OK. I maxed out my Macbook airs internal storage, a 400gb sd card and now I use two 4tb external hard drives to store my Logic Pro folders and all samples I download.

i’m glad you are happy with the laptop =D