Upgraded the memory on my laptop

Up to 32gig. Has breathed some new life into it lol


I have 16Gb on my laptop and gaming pc. I think its enough for a good time. 32Gb are expensive now. My ram speed is 3800Mhz C16 DDR4 on my gaming PC and I believe 2800Mhz DDR4 on my laptop. Both RAMs are GSKill.


Oh your rigs are better than mine!

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Nice 32gb sounds like a good time. So maybe 5 chrome tabs lol.

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That made me lol.

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I have 12gb on my desktop which is barely enough. Might buy another 4gb soon.

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I used to upgrade my own computers, but I got lazy and switched to Mac.

The first MacBook Air I got I paid for as a student so I got like 15% off at the Apple store, and the bursary paid for it!

That lasted 8 years, and I still got £250 for it on eBay once I ran out of hard drive space.

I am on my second one now. It’s still the older model which is identical to my old one, just more advance chips and more memory etc.

Not sure what will happen when I need to upgrade again. I am not sure I like the newer design of the Air.

I might just nurse this one and keep it until it’s unrepairable.

The thing with Apple I like is that the software is designed for the specific hardware, and it runs really well. I have road tested these things for about 11 years now, and I am a very happy customer of Apple’s.

Only problem is no gaming as such will work on it, but I can play my music, surf the net, manage my phone and watch from it and do everything the eco-system lets you in terms of connectivity.

I don’t have any other needs, so I am happy with it.

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Kudos, man. I bought some memory for my netbook and it was the wrong damn memory. It was supposed to be simple, but didn’t register or work. It’s typical. I’m horrible with computers and parts and components. I never learned. Even my dad is better.


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