The new MacBook Pro M1

I usually stay away from Apple as its overpriced but this has caught my attention.
The new M1 MacBook Pro has 20h battery life, insane. My brother’s thin Acer laptop has 11.5h battery life. I wonder if you can put Windows on the MacBook M1 ARM? I hate MacOS, not many programs, old unupdated Office, very little games support, etc

I currently have a 5 years old 16Gb RAM MSI gaming laptop, its still running great. The new MacBook max at 16Gb RAM which is 200$ extra. I can put 32Gb RAM in my MSI laptop.

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Since its not x86 like Intel and AMD, I wonder if its possible to run Windows ARM on the new M1 ARM MacBook.

Intel and AMD are the past. ARM is the future.

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I wonder how it does in gaming. Its still slower than AMD in benchmarks and games.

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I like Apple products.


I got the MacBook Air that has this M1 chip inside.

The main thing that got me to upgrade was the fact I bought my last one just before they changed the look of it, and you could get Space Grey.

Price wise, the 256gb Air used to be around £1,400, but now it’s £999.

My old laptop I still sold for £500, so I put that towards it and went for it.

The M1 chip was pretty intriguing.

I know that people criticise Apple’s computers and MacOS, but if you just want something that’s quick and user friendly, these are the products for you.

My first MacBook air lasted me 8 years, and I still sold it for £250 on eBay when I was done with it

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Hows the battery? How long does it last? I read that it lasts a lot with the M1 as its ARM (uses less power).

I get about 6-7 maybe 8 hours at a push.

Thats with continuous use of Apple Music and You Tube.

Pretty much the same as my old one to be honest Battery wise.

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The new Air has no fans so it has 0 noise.

It’s a fantastic laptop.

I have always been a fan of the Air since I got one back in 2010 with my student bursary money.

Never let me down, and the speed keeps up with me, and doesn’t slow down over time.

The eco system is what I like.

For my business I can access all my files on the iCloud from my Laptop, iPhone or iPad. So useful

My days of building computers are long gone.

Usability and convenience are my main motivators for my laptop, and of course the design of the product

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I am still a gamer so I stick with Windows as all games work with Windows.

I used to game in the library on my laptop when I was in university lol

I did get an Alienware M15 laptop last year to try and get back into Windows gaming, but I was unable to concentrate like I used too.

It’s a shame as I liked games like Anno, BFMEII, Sim City, Cities Skylines and some MMORPGs

My gaming career is over.

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I think you can boot a Mac using Windows OS.

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You can boot an Intel Mac with Windows using Bootcamp but I don’t think this works with M1 machines. There is Rosetta2 which lets you run Intel apps on M1. On my Intel Mac I use VMware fusion to run a windows VM inside MacOS. Not sure how this will work on M1


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