Verbal responses!


Do people around you, even those you don’t know or see face to face at the time, respond to your thought out loud



Hasn’t happened with people who don’t know me. They don’t respond verbally. I have been in an overly sunny room and thought really hard… shut the blinds… and someone will shut the blinds. But that could just be because the sun was in their eyes too.

But my kid sis can read my mind. She’ll answer some of my thoughts. The most recent was meeting one of her friends who is a metro-sexual and I can NOT figure out if this being is male or female. The moment I saw the being, my sis instantly took my wrist and whispered, “Don’t ask, I can’t tell either, C-C has never told me”

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Yes people respond to my thoughts all the time. Usually at restaurants. I will be thinking my morbid intrusive thoughts and I don’t know what I’m thinking and the other people would yell out ,“masturbating,” “dildo,” and the things of this nature. Pretty embarrassing. Am I really thinking these things? One word catchphrases that would make a person wonder.

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There’s a bond between our conscious and our thoughts that if your not paying enough attention will feel like you.



My son and I have had conversations about things like this.

There are lots of time when he will just say mom… and I will answer with no you can not have money for something. I’m not reading his thoughts although it may seem this way. I know him well enough to know the tone of how he said mom that a question is coming and usually it’s about money. Especially if you are close to someone you get to know how they think. I’ve had people finish my thoughts for me and it’s just because they know me well enough to guess what I’m going to say. Sometimes body language can say a lot more then we realize. There are times when my husband or son will comment about me being upset. When I think about they are more right then I realized.

My daughter had a friend who is I guess transgendering, if that is a word. Knowing or thinking that you may question what you see is not really mind reading but more a form of anticipating based on how they themselves have reacted in the same situation.



I wish I could read non-verbal cues. I have the worst time with that. My sis is really good at it. For me to read the cues they have to be sort of big.

If my kid sis puts her hand on hips, give you a very sweet little smile and raises an eyebrow… you’re dead before you knew it. Really the lost in space robot should be running around at that point yelling… “danger, danger”

I can tell when my dad is getting excited by how big his hand gestures get.

My sis can read me like a book and sometime I do mistake that for mind reading. She’ll tell me later exactly what happened back there so I don’t freak out.



Because of my past I am hyper aware of non-verbal cues and social cues. People also get good at that by spending a lot of time in jail or dealing drugs for survival reasons. I had a friend who we would sometimes have conversations while drinking without talking.

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Its not too far fetched to believe, that a person can respond accurately to what you were thinking. Coincidental perhaps? I think I know what you mean. I’ve had it happen to me in the past. The more I get good sleep and I am stable the less it happens. Actually there really is some thought process in the brain that thinks what some person said has concordance to exactly what you were thinking at the time. All I can advise is, just look up when your talking, make sure that your not listening to feed back voices. Cues can range to full body mannerisms, to slight minute tics in the eye region. But believe me. There is always something to be read of a person. You can’t hide body language. There are only those who more than likely will pick up on it. And those who ignore cues regularly. You can get by both ways. Its doesn’t matter much to be 100% cognizant of everything 100% of the time.

I’m guessing the person that responded to your thought out loud known the environmental situation that you were in. And was empathetic. Or you just mentally connected the person’s verbal response and accredited to your own thought. Have a good day.

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