Mind reading?

If I think of sex I get a violent reaction from the women downstairs. Everybody fantasizes, right? I can’t dwell on it without being threatened. I understand she might have a problem with sex, but is she so messed up that she hates any hint of it? Maybe I’m wrong? By the way, it’s other women, NOT her that I think about.

Maybe they think you’re fantasizing about them? (Ewwwww)
Mind reading isn’t an exact science you know.

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I always thought it was pseudoscience until I met the neighbor downstairs. The lady is old, I don’t fantasize about old women.

I’m sure you don’t, but perhaps you have that residual look on your face that she knows what you’ve been up to?
Actually, I think most old women tend to think that’s all that men think about, which is more of a reflection of the woman, and not the man.

Maybe she is a telepath but she freaks out when she picks up on sexual thoughts because she doesnt generate her own.

You and that woman are what’s called incompatible. I know, sometimes the people in my house just have to be tolerated. It’s not all the time and the positives still outweigh the negatives or I’d look for another place.

You dont think she is actually reading your mind do you?

I don’t think she is reading your mind…I think she is using womens intuition.

My theory on womens intuition is it is something hardwired into womens brains at creation so they would know if their husbands are cheating on them… :smiley:
Not joking…

Dr.Phil once said that every thought brings on a physiological response in yourself. I believe that when I think of sex or violence, this women is so attuned to me that she responds within a second of my forming the thought. I think that’s partly it, partly she has the instincts of a cat and she is an expert at survival. A strong will to survive through any means. People have mentioned I might be obsessed with her. She has shown too many times to count that she is always thinking of me. I am not brave. But I try to fight back at grown me where I work. Not literally, being an adult is more a matter of using your brains to fight through intimidation and experience.And plus, at work, people tend to deliberately scare me when i get to close the answer. I’m stupid. I let women, kids, and people who are physically handicapped alone. While these groups have no such restraints against me or qualms about bugging me. Part of my being is missing. A part of me I just doesn’t get it.

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Sorry man that came off a little more confusing I was looking for a yes or a no. Seems like i triggered a tangent.

This may be a good thing you know? You say you think of sex and violence and this woman is atuned to it.
There are healthy sexual thoughts and then there are unhealthy and intrusive sexual thoughts. Violent thoughts are not healthy period. Okay, you might train in some form of martial arts that might be considered violent but in essence they are protective and defensive in nature, a deterrent to protect against violence, and not to be used for personal aggressions…

So maybe this woman is in your path for a reason. If the thoughts bother you, it might actually be something to be thankful for that she in some way keeps the thoughts in check.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” - Hebrews 13;2

Not saying she is an angel…idk, but maybe she has an angel attached to her that is involved in all this…

No problem. I was trying to show in my answer that no, I do not think she’s reading my mind. I think she just has finely tuned instincts.

Yes, I already learn from other people as to when I am not acting normal and I adjust my behaviur accordingly. So I see your point that I might learn something from this situation.

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I still say she is just scared sh*tless of you, she is just reacting to you reacting to her.
Just because she is old, you can’t dismiss that maybe she isn’t mentally ill either, or suffering from some sort of PTSD from some very real trauma in her past. Chances are, someone has hurt her and she don’t trust people much.
Maybe it also has something to do with her knowing you have a negative “interest” in her?
You both could use an impartial third party intervention to iron out your differences and make life a lot easier.

You make sense…