Thoughts being read

See the thing is people sometimes repeat exactly what I’m thinking. I remember a couple weekends ago I went to my parents’ cottage with my brother and his girlfriend. My brother also invited a friend of his. So we’re standing on the deck outside and I think “we should go down by the water”. But then I thought “no, I won’t say that”. About 10 seconds later my brother’s friend says “hey why don’t we go down by the water later?”

Other times, if I think something particularly vulgar about someone, like calling them ugly, stupid, or fat (don’t want to but it just happens lol), they say something close to what I thought, as if to warn me. They’ll look at me and say, well, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but bla bla bla, etc, etc.

Another scary situation: I’m watching CNN and I think “can you guys hear my thoughts?” And of course, one of the news anchors says “we can read your new book online”. I’m like, what? Oh ■■■■, she just basically implied “we can read your thoughts”. And on and on. So many situations like this just reinforce my belief that my thoughts can be read.

I overcame this problem for about a year but now I feel like it’s becoming a problem again. It’s not like a gut feeling or paranoia that my mind can be read, it’s building evidence like these situations that never seem to end. And yet, it’s impossible. My mind is not in any way linked to anyone else’s, and there’s no way I can transmit a thought in my mind to someone else’s brain. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Any tips on how I can shift my frame of mind? Or share your own experiences.

i have voices in my head that claim to be people on this earth they read everything i am thinking and can see through my face i do not understand how this is possible???

Feel people can read my thoughts too. Especially on live news. Had a news caster call me psycho and a news personality call me a whore. Want to get used to watching TV again.

A couple days ago I was texting a person from my work about it being difficult working in a nursing home because i see a lot of sick people and people who will die. About an hour after i texted those thoughts to someone i know, there was a person who approached me in a nursing home and said something along the lines that it must be difficult working here because you basically see people die here. So i was wondering, did this guy who said it could read my thoughts? How could he possibly be thinking the same thing that i just texted to someone?

I volunteered in a nursing home. It was difficult because I watched people die. My last boss worked in a nursing home when she was younger, and she told me it was difficult because she watched people die.

Nursing homes are generally for people towards the end of their lives, and acknowledging that it’s hard on the workers is hardly a strange or unique thought. I think this is just coincidence.

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One way of approaching the issues you mention might be to consider schizophrenia as a salience disorder. It is true that sometimes we sz’s hear or see things that are totally not there (hallucinations). But it is also good to know that a lot of the time, our estimation of the meaning of events can be a bit off. So take any phrase you like, e.g., the phrase “I don’t know what you’re thinking”. How we emphasize the words in such a phrase can make quite a difference in its meaning. Such that, “I don’t know what you’re thinking” can be taken to mean something rather different than “I don’t know what you’re thinking”. Salience, or emphasis in this example, is not entirely an objective matter. It relies on many things, including your concerns and expectations.

One thing that has helped me at times with dealing with such matters you are describing, is considering the influence of experience and belief on each other the other way around. I’ll try to explain. So with the phrase “I don’t know what you’re thinking”, you might think afterwards, this is reinforcing my suspicion that they read my thoughts, since you experienced the emphasis on the last word. What has helped me in such cases, is to consider that I had this lingering suspicion of others reading my thoughts in the past too, and that this may have influenced the way I interpreted/emphasized the sentence to “I don’t know what you’re thinking”. It is called “top-down processing of perceptual information”, if you would like to read up on it. This notion of past belief/expectation influencing perception is well documented. Considering that may be what’s going on, might free you from that inclination to think you got new evidence.

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I use to believe that people used behaviorism in order to mime my every move and thougt. When I thought about something and another person would say that same thing I thought that sometime prior to the incident they had planted a stimuli which would make me to react in a certain way at a specific time. It was really scary stuff as it felt that each random event was actually a conditioned response…done with military precision.

If I thought about a car and suddenly I see such a car I thought that I was “programmed” to think about it through earlier stimuli. I do not know if you understand what I’m trying to say but this is how “coincidences” drove me over the edge.

Just like Pavlov’s experiments

Just keep in mind that my experience doesn’t make it real. I know guys who think people can read their thoughts but I can’t hear a damn thing they’re thinking. It seems to only be a problem for me.?