Vegetarian Diet Linked To High Depression Scores, Suggests Large Meta-Analysis


Anecdotally, the first couple of years of veganism seem to be ok, but then even with b12 supplementation the depression often occurs. It seems like the supplementation doesn’t work as much as actual meat consumption.

My vegan fb friends are all on antidepressants (of which millions of animals died to produce) and are all depressed.

I did just read however, that having a plant based diet helps prevent heart disease by 52%, so you can live longer but it means not as happily.


Well all I can say is… I’m a vegan and I’ve never felt better.

So there’s that.

I guess different things work for different people :thinking:


I mean wine is made for a banquet

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I always assumed that depression came first and vegetarianism came after. I figure people who’ve been hurt by people tend to feel closer to animals instead of people. Didn’t know vegedepression was a thing!

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LS! Probably the meat industry paid for this nonsense. I am a life time (63 years) vegetarian not depressed at all. On the contrary I am one of the strongest in the gym!

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I don’t doubt that at all. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the conclusions are bunkum.

Yes. It’s probably correlation and not causation. Could be people who are vegetarians are more concerned about the fate of the world, and they’re more aware of the immense amount of suffering in it.

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It’s so hard to be a vegan for me. I think it requires real skill and organisation to be a good vegan.


Are you on antidepressants out of curiosity?

LS! No I am not on medication for depression… But I take daily about 50 dietary supplements to extend my life.

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Generalizing from particular.

Let’s not generalize from particular.

I don’t know what you mean, I’m just telling the forum my experience

It’s really obvious how much vegans hate meat by the taste of simulated meat products. Definitely miserable people.


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I could never be vegan. If there was better quality vegetarian food, at a reasonable price, I’d reduce the amount of meat I eat.I can tolerate beans and pulses taste wise to a small degree(lentils -F*** NO!). The biggest issue I have with some vegans is not their meat free diet, but their extreme zealotry.

I think Creedence Clearwater Revival has a song called Vegan Baby :relaxed:

Or at least you can easily make believe that’s what they are singing.

Your and @agentmulderfbi’s experience might be specific can’t be generalized to overall population.

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I couldn’t be vegan either (pescetarian here) but I find incredible the amount of grief vegans and vegetarians get considering the demonstrable link between the junk/processed salt, sugar and saturated fat rich diet prevalent in the Western world and a host of serious health problems (including mental health problems). But then again vegans offer a softer target to cultural warriors than macdonalds’ foodists.
PS. My remarks are not directed at anyone in particular. In fact the OP made an important point about limited accessibility to attractive vegetarian alternatives.

Few longterm vegans consume meat ‘alternatives’.