Upset about Robin Williams

I just think that a lot of people will think more about taking their own life now that Robin Williams has? He was seen as such a loved, sensitive man I am afraid people will think “well, if Robin sees that it’s right, I do too”…? I worry constantly about celebrity suicides more because they affect so many people. I was just as concerned when Kurt Cobain did it. But Robin is vastly more popular than Kurt was.


Yeah man I don’t really know how it will affect people. It might go the other way and raise awareness about depression and suicide. Its tragic that he went through with it. Yeah celebrity suicides always mess with my heads. These are some of the most successful and well known people. They are supposed to be on top of the world. Lesson to learn is that a mental illness like depression doesn’t discriminate.


I feel sad. It was my favourite actor. But not that sad that I would kill my self. I hope this brings awareness to depression. Many ppl think that you just have to stay positive to get up from the dark pit of despair. It’s not that easy.

When Kurt Cobain killed himself I was going to do that too. I was in my mid teens and it had a huge impact on my life. I was already depressed and suicidal and his death came as a sign to me that it is okay to end my misery.

thank you both for your replies. @BryanAshley stay strong brother. I am torn up today. @Comatose I am really sorry you had to experience that. I was in my early thirties when Kurt died but was a huge fan too. I got really drunk that night and played Nirvana all night. That was a huge loss and I didn’t mean that Kurt was in way a smaller death than Robin’s…they are equal in loss…both very big losses…

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maybe some people who get ill turn to drink and drugs because they feel so awful. I have felt awful for a long time but am coming out of it now. I have never turned to drink and drugs. in fact drink doesn’t alleviate my symptoms. I will say a prayer for Robin Williams but we must all stand tall and fight our demons


I have been abusing alcohol and morphine. Stopped in 2010. That’s when all hell broke lose and I ended up psychotic and in hospital a year later. Not really that way. I was already paranoid. I used morphine to cope with the feelings of anxiety shooting hrough the roof. Morphine made me calm and sleepy. But when I stopped, everything just burst. I got deeply depressed, was about to end my life (again). Voices and trolls biting my legs. I was a mess.

I often think of myself as someone who was statistically likely to commit suicide and had attempted it as of when I was evaluated at 19 years old who is doing very well and can’t commit suicide because of how that will look to other people. For my friends and family, everyone in my social network, I am the “holy ■■■■” recovered guy, I went from very ■■■■■■ up to stable, an outstanding student and even an outstanding athlete. If I were to commit suicide, it would be a victory for mental illnesses and a loss for people.

I can’t believe he committed suicide. It was hard to believe. I tell myself that I am disabled sometimes when I get too ambitious, I keep from getting into situations that make me suffer, like too much physical or mental stress. Powerlifting was too much physical stress. I powerlifted for 2 years and went from lifting 315 to 485. I had a lifting total of 1125lbs when I quit, it started out as 855. Generally speaking, it is best to quit that sport after three years or permanent damage starts to happen. Too many classes is too stressful, I had to drop a class last semester.

I was very surprised that he did it. I thought that at 63 he would have had a lot more to buoy him up. I know depression is despairing but I would have thought Robin would have got through it. Its sad and such a waste.

I’ve made two suicide attempts in my life. The first really didn’t begin as a suicide attempt but became sort of “I don’t care if I wake up tomorrow” party. That was whiskey and Xanax. The second was when I was first becoming psychotic and had fast lost touch with myself, I woke up one morning, drank ten beers and decided to swallow my medicine cabinet just to see if there was life after death or not.

I could never do such a thing these days as I can only imagine what it would do to my family, especially my nine year old niece who loves me dearly. I couldn’t do that to the people who love me. But unlike most people I think, I believe I can understand the attraction of ending it all, I’ve been there, part of me still ponders the notion now and then but this I could never do, not anymore. I’ve come too far to end it all and there could be so much in store for me.

But I can understand it. It doesn’t shock me. It’s a terribly sad thing but I can understand it.

To be honest, I was not a big fan of Robin Williams, but I do think he was a decent man who worked with a lot of charities.
Hopefully his suicide, will put a spotlight on depression and suicide. I was devastated when Kurt Cobain killed himself - I was a huge Nirvana fan. I sympathize with depressed people, because I know first hand how crippling this disease can be.
When I first got the news that Robin Williams committed suicide, I was shocked but not so surprised, knowing that he had a history of bipolar disorder. His suicide/death is a cold reminder to anyone who still thinks bipolar disorder is an insignificant subtle disorder - the suicide rate among the bipolar population is rather high - Yes RIP Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain and to the millions of others - non famous people who fell victim to suicide


wow, you’re a miracle @Comatose !! you must be an extremely strong person? I had a friend that was really trying to stop on opiate tea he got from bulbs in the mail. true story. He is now on methadone. and I complain about my cigarette addction. You’re my hero / heroine !!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It was really hard to stop. I thought I was going to die. I was on the floor praying for death to come and release me when it was at it’s worst. My grandfather came to me and gave me streangth to carry on. I put my faith in him and let him lead me to the right paths.

I could as well have found Jesus. But I’m not a believer of christianity. I believe in spirits. Me and grandpa were really close when he lived.

well I commend you for kicking the stuff, you must be incredibly determined. I am sorry you lost your grandpa. I grieve over the loss of both sets of grandparents I had because they raised me until I was 6 and it was like losing 2 extra sets of parents when they passed. I am glad you have a spiritual life. I don’t know what I would do without my Higher Power.

Peace to you.and Good Job !!


people only get effected by celebrity suicides if half your brain is missing.
if justin beiber or monkey boy as i call him smacks a photo journalist, do ordinary people do the same thing…no…
robin williams was talented but also flawed, which he openly admitted at many interviews…if anything it will bring awareness to mental illness.
take care


it worries me too, i hope no-one copies him :frowning: that would be so so sad :frowning: