Robin Williams depression

Rip to the comedian actor. I thought some of his stand ups funny. Then there was Mrs. Doubtfire. Depression took my uncle. I guess everybody needs to be aware of it and treat it. Before tragedies happen.

Yeah mental health is almost totally ignored by public institutions like school and television. If it was looked at with the same emphasis as physical health this world would be a better place.


Mental illness cannot be diagnosed with blood test, x-ray, EEG,ECG,etc, so I believe it is why people hard to believe the “evidence” (Q/A with patients and his/her behavior, etc.).

seems like he had quite a few problems. he had financial problems, depression and early parkinsons

I still respect Robin since he had a pretty harsh reason to do what he did. I am not condoning what he did, but I guess he felt cornered. That can have a profound affect on how you see life. I am still sad he’s gone, such a genius in comedy and over all positive outlook. He’s always going to be on my mind I can tell.

I’ve read that he was also in recovery from alcoholism and cocaine addiction in addition to the depression and all that. I guess he revealed this publically at one point so I’m not breaking anyone’s anonymity or anything by saying this. Guy had his demons as upbeat and positive as he came across as. All that alone is enough to drive you over the edge I know that.

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