RIP Robin Williams

Suicide. :cry:


For real?

I couldn’t find the article through that link…really?

Oh I saw it…wow.

I miss George Carlin and I will miss Robin Williams. Makes me sad.

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Depression claims another good one. Very sad.

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S from work just walked in and told me. It’s awful.


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I just saw it on the news. What a tragedy.

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I was going to talk to my doctor this week when I see her, if I could get off of the Lamictal for depression - after I saw the news that Robin Williams lost his battle with his bipolar/depression and committed suicide, I think that I am going to manage the side effects/symptoms that the lamictal gives me - and stay on this medication. Suicide just aint worth it - Rest in peace Robin Williams

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Yeah, RIP. Does anybody remember “Mork and Mindy”? I remember that show well. That show “jumped the shark” when they brought in Jonathan Winters who coincidentally battled mental illness too.

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i loved him in peter pan and mrs doubt fire :frowning:

rest in peace

I’m saddened, too. I remember The Bird Cage. That movie was America at it’s degenerate best.

“Mork and mindy” was a spin-off of a guest role Robin Williams had on “Happy Days”. He was an instant hit, and they had a very profitable sitcom from his talent.

Yes, I remember that.

Another one I remember is “Awakenings,” with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

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I loved Robin Williams on Mork and Mindy, though I was very young when it was on, so I don’t remember it too well. I also loved Dead Poets Society. He was great in that. Very sad news. My mom told me about it, and then I looked it up on the internet and read an article about it. His representative said he had been battling severe depression. RIP Robin Williams.

Patch Adams… his character goes into a mental hospital

spooky scene…

“Carin and Patch’s friendship soon turns into romance. When she tells him that her whole life, men had molested her, Patch comforts her and reassures her that she can overcome her pain to help others. Encouraged, Carin wants to help a disturbed patient, Lawrence “Larry” Silver (Douglas Roberts). Larry murders Carin then kills himself. Patch is devastated and guilt-ridden by Carin’s death. He reconsiders his outlook, and questions the goodness of humanity. Standing on a cliff, he contemplates suicide and questions God about what happened. He then sees a butterfly which reminds him of Carin’s telling him earlier how she always wished she was a caterpillar that could someday transform itself and fly away. The butterfly lands on his medical bag and afterward on his shirt before flying away. This appears to Patch to be Carin reincarnated and it revives his spirits, and he decides to continue his work in her honor.”

My late wife and I watched that and its the one I remember him best by… The night my wife died she sent an Emperor moth to the window at 11:11…never before seen here and never spotted again…
I immediately thought of that butterfly scene from the movie…


I read about this, I wish there was something that could be done…he was a great actor.

So sad. I have the dvd collection of Mork and Mindy, got it at xmas from my husband. I loved that serie. I have shown my kids that and they also think it is really funny.

I am so sorry to hear this happened. Robin Williams was such a talented actor. May he rest in peace now.