Celebrity deaths

why is it that when someone famous dies, there is this outpouring of grief for them. i mean it’s not like anyone knew them personally is it? and you know what? i’ve met some famous people in my time and they were all selfish, self centred, self serving, absolute pricks so am i bothered when one dies? not on your life. most of them only do charity work for their public image anyway. take the two royal younguns for instance when the boxing day tsunami happened in 2004. they spent a total of two hours packing supplies for humanitarian charites and guess who was invited? the press of course, to photograph them doing it. it’s the same with a lot of celebrities…just a photo opportunity. or they give money to a chosen charity. you don’t actually see many of them actually rolling their sleeves up and getting involved with the dirty work do you. hypocrites…so who gives a toss when one dies. good riddance to bad rubbish, that’s what i say. anyone agree?

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That’s the way it is. They get an opportunity to make free publicity when they feel like they’re losing the grip of the fans.

In Sweden a popular artist makes commercials. He has not released a record for ages. But get payed to show himself in the tv screen.

No, I don’t agree. Every human life has value. You’ve got a pretty twisted way of looking at things.


Only celebrity I’ve been sad about dying was Curt Cobain. I was a teenager and very depressed. Almost did SI after that. I tried to kill myself with alcohol. But I did not die. I only got very very drunk. If you are used to drink a lot…you can’t die from alcohol poisoning. Just because your system is used to process a lot of alcohol. I drank a whole bottle of vodka.

maybe if your kids had been through what mine have because of one, you’d feel the same mal. some people are just evil and in my opinion their lives have no value. i don’t mind people celebrity or not that don’t hurt others or use others for their own gain but when they do? stuff 'em.

I’m not a big fan of many celebrities either- I’ve bumped into a couple in my day. I too was very sad when Kurt Cobain died, it was a tragedy.

Random people who just happen to be celebrities?

no not all celebrities mal. maybe i worded it wrongly. there are some celebrities that use their position to abuse children, hence, operation yewtree in the uk. i’m sure it happens the world over. there are many evil people in this world, some celebrity, some not. it’s those celebrities that really get under my skin. they should be locked up and subjected to the same anguish they have dished out to others.

I feel grief when anyone dies, good or bad.

jaynebeal I understand from what you’ve been through its made ou feel like this I have the same sort of twisted thinking regarding men I don’t know you’ve been through a lot of trauma and no wonder its made you feel this way hugsx

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I do feel some grief some the person dies…

I get very disappointed with humanity when other celebs get up there and turn on the tears when they never knew the person, worked with the person… met the person…

and then they plug their own movie or album.

It’s not the celeb who passed away who makes me cringe… it’s the living ones who takes someone else’s death as their photo op.

Celebrities are like drugs. They make you feel good and you get hooked on them. Celebrities themselves will tell you that being famous is a house of cards. They get this bigger than life image but they are just flawed human beings like anyone else. But they’re easy to get hooked on. Many of them are good-looking, charming, funny, and intelligent. Or at least seem to be. It’s hard not to get a big ego if you have millions of fans and people are showering you with money and attention and women and men are throwing themselves at you every day. If we were celebrities we would fall into the same traps. It’s a cult of personalities. When you see someone like Robin Williams on your screen in Mork & Mindy every week for four years you almost can’t avoid having feelings or interest or curiosity about him. Celebrities like him make people happy for ten, twenty, thirty years. It’s called entertainment.When they die it’s hard not to be affected just a little.

i used to drive trucks for the film and t.v industry…they were all wankers…from the ’ grips ’ to the ’ talent '.
it is just the industry…
as deep as a puddle…
take care