Update on sarcosine

Leaves me irritated and hypersensitive to sounds and colours.

Well, not taking it anymore.

It really works well on the avolition though, done more this past week than the last month :smile:

Don’t think it is doing much for me. Still have low motivation. Sorry it has side effects for you.

Yeah, me too. :slight_frown: Sorry it’s not doing anything for you, how much are you taking?

1 gram twice a day.

But it interesting what you are saying about hypersensitivity to sounds. Took sarcosine half an hour ago and my music just made me jump.

Yeah! I’m watching Netflix and had to turn the sound down.

Have felt weird for the last two days. The only thing I can put it down to is sarcosine. Think I might stop taking it.

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Stop taking it and see how you feel. I forgot to take it this morning, was feeling fine, relaxed, remembered to take it, and 20 minutes later was cringing.


Interesting. I was also irritated (inner tension) and have some visual side-effects.

It does not really work on avolition but may have an anti-depressant effect on cognition.

I also stop sarcosine.

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Yes! Good for depression here too :slight_smile:

If the bad outweights the good then that’s your best choice :slight_smile: and if you ever feel like you need the extra boost for something you’ll still have some of it laying around!

I’ve also found some mild irritation after a few months taking it, only sometimes, but it’s something I can easily handle.

This got me wondering if sarcosine is something that you take that builds up to eventually not having to take as many as you took in the beginning…

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Interesting. I’ve never taken it but was thinking of ordering some but this might change my mind.

Sorry it’s not working out for you guys.

How much are you taking? The research suggests that lower amounts - like 1 gram (1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at lunch) works for some people with out the aggitation. Or perhaps even lower?

Am going to stop taking sarcosine too. Definitely got anxious off it. Was quite activating.

I’m taking one gram, I’m a tiny person :slight_smile:

Are you taking it all at once - or spread out over the day?

500mg when I wake up, 500mg at lunch. I get irritated with only 500mg

Same here listening to music on Sarcosine, yeah!

almost in week 2, 1 grams daily total

should i up my dose like Pixel 1 gram 3x times daily

I still pray for a miracle

Minnii, i tried minocycline 50 mg and it works on every aspect of my illness but i had some nasty side effects

its an anti biotic

For the moment Sarcosine is taking over what seroquel XR low dose does.

Don’t know what to say, except keep you updated

Hi. My son has been in hospital 5 weeks. To me he seems more ill since been admitted/medicated than ever before. Risperidone had a terrible effect. Now on depo clopixol 300mg per week and 8mg loranzapine per day.
Before hospitalization you would not have been aware that he was struggling with mental illness unless you knew him well.Very socially withdrawn, isolating himself, but phsically healthy, comfortable in the home , eating well cooking for himself , playing piano, Now he looks and acts like he should be in a psychiatric unit. I believe the meds have made things 10x worse. ICU psychosis/ catatonia/hardly eating drinking/ delusional to point of not sure if we are his parents etc. Am so worried about the excessive medication and withdrawal effects when/if reduced.

Any insight from sufferers/parents would be appreciated.